Confession Friday

Friday, August 17, 2012

Confession Friday

this three day work week was nice.
i could get used to it.
i could also get used to this weather today.
i'm attending a bridal shower tomorrow at the winery and oh my word it's going to be nice.
thank you mother nature.
switching it up this week and going back to the ole confessions.
let's do this:

i confess......
this girl made me stop being such a boring mom last night and actually go have some fun.
yep, she came right over to my house, maybe me stop packing away baby clothes, get outa my PJs, and come have a beer with her for her birthday at like 10:15.
sometimes i need that!  i need to remember i'm 25 and just because life is hard right now doesn't mean i can't have fun.  and just be 25 every once in awhile.
i had a freaking blast!
thank you Maranda and Happy Happy Birthday!!

i confess....
my bff sent me this picture of our babies today and i just can't get over it.
how was this just NINE months ago?  they look SO little.
i also confess....
all of these girls who have babies close to my kids age and they are talking about sending them off to their first day of school.  i cry every time.  that will be me next year.  ahhhhhh.  bittersweet.

i confess....
i think i'm getting a poop tooth.  not cute right?
i have a root canal in my front tooth because i got knocked in the mouth at the pool when i was younger.
well like 10 days or so ago henry threw his head back and whacked me in the tooth.
i swear it's slowly changing colors and FREAKING me out.
momma does NOT want another root canal.  :(

i confess...
i REALLY miss a lot of the girls who used to blog.
come back - for reals!!  i miss you, your babies, everything!!

i confess....
my daughter is a hoarder.  ok, kidding, BUT she takes out her ponytail in the car every day.
and then the ponytail holder magically disappears.
she can't be eating these things.  where are they going.
well, come to find out, she is pushing them down into the seat belt thing on her carseat.
i picked up her carseat the other day and found ALL of these ponytail holders UNDER her seat.
my word child, there's every bit of like 15 ponytail holders there.

i confess...
i tried my first bag of FlavReds, you know the bag of all the red kind of Starburts.
not good.  not good at all.  total disappointment.

alright well happy friday! enjoy this amazing weather.
we are going to take PLENTY of stroller walks this weekend for sure.


Katie said...

Aww that was sweet of her to come pull you out of the house to have a good time!!

Ohh my Stella looks so young in that picture!! Crazy how much they change in such a short time.

A girl I work with bought me a bag of the red only Starburst. I was so excited when I saw them on my desk. I agree with you though I thought they were going to be better than what they were. I wanted them to be all of the pink & red ones that are in the original. Total let down!

Beth said...

I confess that I'm totally jealous every time you say you take your kids on walks. For real! I live in the mountains. Actual, serious, legit mountains. I have to pack a backpack, hiking gear and a flare gun if I want to go for a walk. Not cool...I'm envious over here! :)

Cassie said...

beth you seriously just crack me up!!

i hope when your dream comes true of moving back home you get to experience more walks or at least bike rides! sans flare guns! lol.

Christine said...

LMFAO about the poop tooth!!!!!

I knew a girl in college who had that... and we called her that, not to her face, obviously!!!!

sophistifunk said...

i am so jealous of that weather! it's been 100+ degrees here in phoenix all summer. no bueno!
p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie