It's A Good Day

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's A Good Day

you guys, this weather seriously rocks.
60s all the way to work, windows down.
sleeping with the windows open at night.
oh my i just love it.
i mean it makes it crazy hard to get outa bed in the morning when being curled under the covers feels ah-mazing.  but i'll take it over being woken up to a loud AC or sweating my booty off.
but anyways - i'm going to make today a good day.
i got my hur did for pete's sake, that'll put anyone in a good mood.
well, unless it gets chopped, that's never good.
i have a ton of good stuff headed my way!
that's right Reba girl.  preach.
10 days til my baby boy is ONE.
or as Stella says, until Henry's Cars Birthday.
he's not just having a birthday, it's a cars one.  lol.
5 days until these beeyas and i are on a boat
and rando is just waiting on us hand.and.foot!!
just like boys should.  ha.
ahhhhh GOOD friends and drinks.
the three of us have been bonding like no other lately.
i just love it.
i don't need a ton of friends, i just need real and true one.
thank you girls - lovie lovie you!!
and few hours until some gyros are in my belly!!
and a few more hours until i get to inhale that new baby boy smell of this precious little butt:
eeeeee - i just lovie!!

so anyways - things are good.
here's to a good day for you too!
remember to pick your battles and in years down the road look back and be happy with what you've done.
i'm out!


Adrien said...

I've been digging the weather, too! Sure hope it stays this way. :) You guys are always super cute!

Kacie said...

Love this post! I need that positive outlook, thanks for reminding me of that!!