Thursday, August 9, 2012


ok, one more day until vacation at least.
and i'm doing surprisingly well.
S&H aren't going to even know i'm gone.
i swear at times they have a better social life than me.
speaking of S&H they are just full of it lately....
first off homegirl looks crazy grown up in this picture.
and i'm pretty sure she is saying, "ok mom this is the last picture, just get us to Connies!"
oh and don't worry she's not alone.
brother bear thinks this is awfully funny to do:
finger in the ear - 'what's the mom, i can't hear you!'
SMH you two, SMH.
even Kacie & Buck got to witness last night that S&H are totally going to gang up on this momma.
good thing they are cute.
speaking of cute, i can't figure out if this is modeling in his sleep or doing the sprinkler....
bahahahaha, regardless i lovie.
i also lovie that Henry took a good FOUR steps last night all by himself.
right in front of mom and dad and big sis.
we were all crazy excited for him!
he looked at us like we were damn fools.  lol.
sorry bud.

alright well i'm off to work, enjoy a baby shower at lunch, some brews at 3:30 to celebrate a big win (yes yes be jelly of my job), and then some pool time with my babies and bffs.
life is good.

oh yeah and i'm obsessed with this jam - so enjoy!


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I am actually jealous of pretty much everything in this post! especially the cute kids.

Litney said...

Stella does look like such a big girl! So pretty!! Gonna be a heartbreaker!

Katie said...

Wow Stella does look so grown up in that picture! You have two smiley babies in the morning. :)

Go Henry!!!!

That last bit about your job made me hate mine even more hahahah Sounds like you have a eventful day today!

Beth said...

I have yet to hear a Fun. song that I don't like. Have fun in Vegas!