Tuesday, August 7, 2012


my eyes are on FIRE today.
this weather is just killer.
ok ok and besides the fact that i never take my contacts out.
but my my they are burnin'
this post is full of nothing but complete randomness.
sorry about cha.....
here's a cute little picture collage of us from the picnic on saturday.
this whole thing just makes me smile.
and i swear that picture in the middle, the three of us are all doing the same eyebrow thing.  lol.

oh and kathy had her baby!!
making his first official blog appearance is baby austin:
i get the pleasure of holding this cutie pautie tonight!!
another friend saw him last night and she said his dad was holding him saying, 'isn't he just so cool!'
awwww - make.me.melt!!
speaking of new babies, i saw this ecard yesterday and died.
so true - LOL.

oh and you wana talk about random.....
meet my sister, danielle random stiebel
bahahaha - who goes to freaking Dyno-Land? 
oh sister - lol - SMH you always keep us on our toes.

oh yes and these came in the mail yesterday for some cute little girls i know:
eeeekk - i'm so excited!!

and two more days until vegas!!
two more days until i rely on facetime to get me through my trip to see my babes.
i am getting excited and we are going to stay busy so that will help.
we are going to the grand canyon on saturday.
in St. Louis it's supposed to be 82.
in Las Vegas it's supposed to be 108.

on that note i'm out.
happy tuesday!


The Independent Spinster said...

If you need someone to take your place in Vegas so you don't miss your kids, I can help you out.

Katie said...

Love the picture collage!

Adrien said...

I hope you have so much fun on your trip! It is GOOD to get away for a while! :D

Kim Luke said...

Where is Dyno-Land?? Landon would LOVE that!!!!!

and I LOVE the toms :))

Kim Luke said...

i choose not to comment about your vegas trip. i am bitter. lol jk, i hope you have a great time!!!

Mehak said...

found your blog.. and loving it!!

Your kids are soooo cute!! :) Loving the collage!!

Wanna follow each other.. lemme know..