So What! Wednesday

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So What! Wednesday

please tell me i'm not the only one having a hard time keeping track of what day it is this week.
it just does not feel like Wednesday.
and yes after i typed that i just double checked my phone to make sure it was.
ayi yi yi.
oh well - half way there!!
moving on and linking up here today:
SO WHAT!.....
**if the dog my sister is house sitting this week Stella calls by the wrong name.
HIS name is Bucky.
Stella calls HER Bucket.
lol.  lol.  lol.
she's obsessed and now looks forward to going to nana's not to see anyone but Bucket.
awww Bucket, you're so cute!

**so what if i've started letting Stella wash herself in the bathtub.
she actually does a good job.
minus the fact that she thinks after she washes each body part she needs more soap.

**so what if the only thing i want right now is a sweet tea from mcdonalds and an egg sammie with miracle whip.
it's that lovely time...

**so what if i'm grossly obsessed with this new scentsy find:
Coconut Lemongrass. - so good!!

**so what if i just can't get enough of this boys snuggles
love love love him.

**so what if someone has picked up on his sister's wipe addiction.
i swear sucking wipes is like crack to my kids.
they are obsessed.
i caught henry the other day, and the rest is history.....he's addicted.
i know, i know - it's gross.

**so what if i left my kids alone for a little bit to gather the trash and i come back to find this:
it looks like homeboy was pulling them out one by one and homegirl was lining her baby's bed with them.
i can just picture them getting along so well while doing this.
Henry handing them to her one by one, Stella saying thank you every time.
ha - at least they work well together.

tomorrow's a big day.  Stella's half birthday!!!!
and we have some VERY exciting news to share!!
have a happy Wednesday!!


Kim Luke said...

so excited about the news. well, news that I think I already know. :))

Your kids and wet wipes. ay yi yi!

so what my bff is going to be MIA on my Birthday. :'( tears.

still laughing at that ecard from last night. bahahahahaha! lovie you!

sblind2 said...

Brody loves to "clean" with wet wipes...have at it kid (missed a spot-lol)

So what if at my pool party we had to google and probably spent about a good 15 min trying to figure out SHM meant....I mean why isn't it SMH (it makes more sense)

Anonymous said...

S&H's bath water is always blue. Is this a request by them? I'm confused on the dark blue water.

Her bright blue eyes melt my heart!

Good thing I send you wipe coupons. hahahah

So what if every Wed I read your So What post and want to link up, but can't seem to find the link back to the link up!

Mitch said...

So what if I also had to look up what SMH meant.

So what if I usually have to look up what your other abbreviations mean...I'm so behind at times.

So what that I wished I lived closer to my nieces and nephews so that I something fun to write about instead of my boring, overly dramatic live. lol

Adrien said...

My kids do the same thing with draping wipes all over everything. What is the deal?? :)

So what if that Scentsy fragrance gives me a headache, haha. If I can find my coconut lemongrass, it's yours!

The Independent Spinster said...

My friends and family are going to be cussing you out...all your birthday talk was making me miss mine already so I Googled my half birthday...come on Jan 4th!!!! Only 156 more days til we can celebrate my birth again!

sblind2 said...

My half birthday is September 17th....I think that calls for a Winery Trip in So IL - only thing I have on my half birthday weekend is a dentist appt!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I feel you girl, I honestly felt like it was thursday ALL day today! hahaha

So my GFC has been acting odd, but it let me follow you through my twitter account... how cool is that?! Who knew you could do that?!

Kacie said...

Yay for half birthdays! I got a postcard in the mail today for hallmark, I get a free gift for my half birthday and 20% off!! :) exciting news.....can't wait!!