Birthdays Birthdays

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthdays Birthdays

a BIG happy 50th birthday to my dad today!
rockin' the mohawk 50 years ago - trend setter i tell ya!
thanks for all that you do for us.
thanks for being so handy (we kinda believe you can fix/build just about anything).
thanks for giving us our ice cream addiction.
thanks for giving us the 'lucky' steibel genes.
thanks for giving me at least your athletic ability (sorry danielle, ha).
thanks for your crazy corny jokes that always make us laugh.
thanks for being a great dad!
and thank you VERY much for being an awesome PaPa!!
thanks for crying when Stella tells you to.  lol.
thanks for flying S&H like airplanes, letting them slobber all down your really hair arms, letting them steal your hat over and over, and for getting right down there on the ground with them and playing.
we all think you are great!
we are all so excited to celebrate your birthday in vegas in just a few short days!!
oh yeah and thanks for treating US to this trip!!
here's to many many more Dad!!

and one more special 4th birthday to our favorite Miss Ali
i still can't believe you are four!!
i remember when your mommy told me she was pregnant with you.
you are just the cutest little girl and growing up WAY to fast!
stella and henry think you are the best cousin/friend ever.
and of course the coolest person at Connie's!!

whew - we have some major celebrating to do tonight.
bring on the ice cream!!


The Independent Spinster said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Thanks for spoiling all of us in the office with that nice little ice cream addiction as well!

Anonymous said...

Awww what a good PaPa & Dad!!!

I saw a man at Target the other day that looked very similar to your dad. I think I was staring a bit to long at this man trying to figure out if it was him or not. Im still unsure! So Cassie's dad if you read these comments and you noticed a blonde girl staring at you I apologize and I was not trying to be creepy!!!
Happy Birthday!

Adrien said...

Having involved grandparents is PRICELESS! Happy Birthday to your dad!! :D

Kacie said...

This made me a little teary reading all of the wonderful things you put about your dad! :) Happy 50th Birthday Chris!

Kim Luke said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy!!!
Hope you all have a awesome time in Vegas!