Happy Half Birthday!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Half Birthday!!

today this little baby butt is two and a half!!
and she can pretty much work an ipad better than me.
anyways - TWO AND A HALF.
how did this happen?
when did she get so big?
so needless to say she got to do whatever she wanted this morning.
which included picking out everyone her age and younger's outfits.
ha - that was my only way of getting out of her picking my clothes out too.
so she left the house in her favorite red flag t-shirt and purple shorts.
ha - one stylish 2.5 year old.
and henry, yep you can bet he wore his flag shirt too and stella picked out green shorts for him.
i can't wait to go out in public later with them.  bahahahaha.
anyways, someone had a come to Jesus with two and a half and i LOVE it.
seriously the last few days she has just grown up.  it's crazy.
we are officially BINKY FREE!!!
oh my word - i am SO happy.
she really only had it at night and in the car, but yet i STILL went into panic mode when i couldn't find it.
so on monday night when i had basically flipped the couch upside down looking for it, i drew the line.
i told her we lost it.
she cried.  and then i cried because she wouldn't stop crying, kidding.
but believe it or not - we survived!!
and the next night we survived.
and last night we survived too.
so this morning i picked up her B, kissed it, thanked it for being so good to me for so long, and then tossed it in the trash.
see ya B.
ALSO - homegirl has peed on the potty everyday since Monday!
she has yet to pee at home, BUT she will pee for Connie.
i think she pretty much holds it at home and then just pees in the bathtub.
ha - sorry Henry.
but holy smokes, who is this girl?!
a potty using no B Stella Ann!!
i just LOVE it!
today i put Henry's first birthday invitations in the mail, tomorrow Stella is officially closer to three.
PTL tonight is margarita special night at Tequilas.  ha.  kidding.
so happy half birthday stella ann.
you are honestly becoming quite the big girl and i love watching you grow.
you are funny, sassy, sweet and so polite.
you make everyone very proud and you are loved by many.
now can you go back to being this little?!?  just for one day?!


Adrien said...

Happy half-birthday, Stella!

That's exactly how Evie stopped using her pacifier, too. We lost it, and I said, "That is IT!" Now if only I could lose my boobs so Grace would stop wanting to nurse!

Kim Luke said...

Oh how I just love that little girl!
Happy Half Birthday Stella Ann!
I cannot wait to have you as a daughter in law someday!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Happy half birthday Stella!

love this post.

Those flag shirts are pretty cute...ya can't blame the girl for picking them out! :)

YAY no more B. Good job Stella!!!!

I haven't seen your children in a very long time. We should make that happen.

The Independent Spinster said...

Too cute!! Happy half birthday!

Kacie said...

Happy half birthday Stella! No B....what?!?!?! :-)

Lara said...

Big things going on here!!! WTG Stella! Now you can quit growing up so fast before you give your momma a heartattack!

Beth said...

Congratulations on no B! That's huge! I found one of JJ's in a cabinet a couple days ago and it made me sad. Don't even get me started on the potty - I'm very jealous of Stella's stills right now!!!