Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

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so Friday Aunt Danielle was in town.
we all missed her like crazy!
before i was even home with the kids she had two types of cookies whipped up and dinner almost ready.
yes - EVERYONE needs an aunt danielle.
it was delicious.
S&H were MORE than happy to see her!
of course she came bearing gifts!
 she brought more dora jammies for stella and a thomas train for henry.
even though stella though the train was for her.
yes we are working on that whole sharing thing.
either that or the whole, if the toy is less than $5, just buy two.  right danielle?!  lol.
anyways, friday was spent eating, playing horsie, being silly, laughing and toy story movies.
yes my kids have hit the let's watch toy story 1 and then toy story 2 over and over.
anyone wana buy them toy story 3?!
sad thing is we only have them on VHS.
ha, they do NOT understand the, we have to wait for it to REWIND thing.
it's kinda funny.
saturday morning we made a big breakfast and then headed out for a walk.
after that we made our rounds to GGma and GGpas house, then lunch with PawPaw.
the rest of the afternoon was pretty chill.
henry made a few, very exciting, phone calls.
stella got jacked up on tea at her tea party with mom.
you know, the norm.
we finished the night with more disney VHS's and everyone was sleeping by 8:45.
lol <3
ok now hold on to your seats, my kids slept until 8:45 the next day!!
can i get a PTL?!?!!!
ahhhh - everyone was happy!!
we got dressed for church and headed to ck for breakfast.
we took too long at ck and missed church so we headed to target instead.
you know, target, church, kinda the same thing.  ha.
ps - get yourself to the target toy clearance.
my mom got the picnic table, cozy coupe/truck AND water table for S&H and spent just a little over $100.
crazy right!!
then the time came to say good bye to danielle :(
she was off on her way and we were headed to erin's for the evansville days parade.
stella stayed true to her ever so fashionable parade style.
sit in the shade and look pretty while people bring me popsicles.  lol.
while henry got his momma's 'i love parades' genes and we had a grand ole time.
we chowed on some AMAZING food, swam a bit and then headed home for naps.
we finished the evening off with a walk, came home and made a tent in the living room and chilled.
ps - nothing is cheaper and cooler to a kid than a living room tent!
ok ok, mommy liked it too.
hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Dana @ five30three said...

I got to sleep in til 7 am on Saturday and I literally was more happy than I've been in a long time. But 8:45??? Dang girl, now I'm jealous!

Kim Luke said...

awww! sounds like you guys had a awesome weekend!!
Love all the pictures!
Can I borrow Danielle for a weekend?!
Or even Lacie! You have 2 pretty fantastic sisters/Aunties!!

Adrien said...

I think I need an aunt Danielle! :D Sounds like a fun weekend to me!

Beth said...

That pic of Henry on the phone is hilarious. And I seriously love how chill Stella is eating her popsicle and waiting for more. What a life!

Katie said...

Lots of cookies AND dinner....she's good!

hahaha the picture of Henry making a very exciting phone call is too cute!!

Happy babies!

I heard this weekend that whatever Target doesn't sell on clearance goes to salvation army...another reason to love Target.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

AW! Those two are ADORABLE! And yay for amazing aunts :)

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Thanks for linking up with us!

Katie said...

LOVE that picture of Henry on the phone :) He looks like he's a character!

Kimberlee said...

hA HA that sleeping pic is amazing... such cuties :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. Henry making those phone calls is cracking me up! so cute!