Friday Letters

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letters

hey friday hey!
momma got herself a iced coffee this morning so life is good.
or at least i'm trying to make the best of it, right?
i'm going to have a positive day!!
let's do this:
dear sister,
i am SO excited to see you tonight!!  and for you to cook all weekend.
and bake too.  i need some danielle cookies like something fierce.  i love your goodies!
dear henry,
oh my my.  those baby blues, the way you pull off that hat, that look. little boy!!
dear arm,
i like how skinny you look in the above picture.
good work.
dear stella,
just because your brother was wearing a camo hat last night and camo shorts this morning doesn't mean you should ask for camo too.  lol.
i'm not against you having/wearing camo clothes, ok yes i may be, but you made me crack up when you told me this morning you wanted to wear camo too.  ha.
dear three day old expired milk,
who goes by the smell test anyways.......?!?!
dear bike riders,
ok not the serious ones in the spandex.
but i am really thinking about getting a bike.  maybe even one of those things to pull the kids around with.
i swear everyone's riding their bikes lately.  kinda jelly.
dear tennis shoes,
i need new ones like pronto.
i MAY even step outa m comfort zone and get some bright ones.
sorry if i copy off you kacie.  what can i say, you have style.
dear christmas music,
yes - it's happening!
nothing can make you happier than Kenny and Dolly's Once Upon a Christmas.
i mean come on, it's Christmas in July right?!

that's all i got for today.
keeping my head up and making it a good one.
happy weekend!!


Kacie said...

Copy away! I absolutely love mine AND I bought a bike a few weeks ago....I need a bike riding partner! But, beware, I am not good!!! At all!! It's like I forgot how to ride a bike?!

Katie said...

Henry you are too cute in that camo hat.

I seriously gagged when I read the expired milk letter. I'm not a fan of milk AT ALL. I think it always stinks though. So when that expiration date comes up the rest of the milk is down the drain A-SAP!
Soo gross!! hahahah

When I was looking for new work shoes last week and I saw some bright tennies. I almost bought them. I seriously walked pass them like 6 times just eyeing them up! I might have to get me some!!!
What am I talking about I never wear the tennies I have now. My 2 year old tennies still look like new. Whoops!!!


Laura said...

Hey we have a cart if you want to try it out first. :)

Adrien said...

I hope one of my kids will have blue eyes like their those baby blues! I hear it's getting rarer and rarer for people to have blue eyes.

I MISS bike riding. I've been pregnant or just had a baby almost every summer for the last four years. We have a cart that we hardly get to use!

Sarah said...

LOVE little boys in camo :)

I want to get one of those 'biker puller thingies' for the babies too. Get one first & tell me how it works out for ya lol!!

Kim Luke said...

Oh those blue eyes!!!! better not break my little girls heart heni! ;)

I sold my bike at a yard sale for $5. rode it twice. Good luck. lol

April said...

LOL! Christmas music? Come on now! Love the letter to your arm, too. Hahaha!!!