Peace, Love and Canadian Gloves

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peace, Love and Canadian Gloves

sorry for being MIA yesterday.
i was at work for 31 minutes and then had to leave to get a sick baby boy.
who, turns out, was totally not sick.
ok ok, i'll give him a little bit of sympathy.
i mean come on he's crazy cute and just wanted to snuggle all day.
he's working on tooth 11 and 12.
the big back ones.
homeboy didn't wana eat and just wanted his momma.
the eating part worried me, not the wanting his momma part.
because you can't buy that kinda feeling :) <3
anyways, after a clean bill of health at the doc, we headed to mommy's work and then home.
everyone enjoyed a chill day.
and thanks to G-Gma for these awesome new jammies.
peace, love and of course the dog Cassie.
sorry danielle, we are over wearing the dora ones every.single.night.
we have moved on to these cool ones!
speaking of my sister, she travels to canada for work here and there.
i've never been to canada and so i had one request, these:
and i am happy to say come tomorrow i will be the PROUD owner of them.
ha - no i can't explain my obsession with them.
but man i do love them!
you know what else i love?
the new Kip Moore CD.
my word it probably plays a good 16 times at work.
ok and one more because it's my blog and idowhatiwant......
oh it gets me every time.

all in all life is good!
have a happy margarita thursday!!


Anonymous said...

Cute jammies Stella!

LOOOOVE the Kip Moore cd. I listen to it pretty much every time I get in the car. Although I don't think I have ever listened to #1 or 2. I start with 3 and I'm a happy girl for the rest of the cd!!!

hahah I like the ecard

Adrien said...

Haha, love the gloves. :) I keep forgetting about the summer olympics this year!

Hope Henry gets those teeth through soon!

Kim Luke said...

12 teeth Heni?!?! Serving steak for your 1st, for sure!!!
Lay is cutting #4!!! Crazy! lol

Lovie me some Kip Moore. Definitely crushing him. I could look at him ALL DAY!! haha