Photo Bomb

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo Bomb

homeboy loves him some camera time.
i mean if you've been reading this blog for like, ummm two days, you'd clearly know that.
so last night he's being all snuggly, cute and loving.
because yes, he's a total momma's boy - and i'm seriously ok with it.
so here we are just a snapping away at pictures.
smiling and laughing.
i mean come on - he's crazy cute!!
and totally distracts the two huge zits i got going on on my chin.
sister thinks she needs to come join in on the photo opp.
crazy hair and all.  this could be interesting.
but of course we let this sweet little girl come on in.
ha - and there she goes just photo bombing it up.
thank you sis - that finger straight up in your nose looks hot.
can't wait to frame this baby.
bahahahaha.  SMH.
happy tuesday!!


Kacie said...

Henry is getting so big :( I freaking love that smile! And Stella just makes me giggle!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Aww..Henry is so cute!
Like I've said before, you are gonna have so much ammo when Stella starts dating! Lol.

Adrien said...

Bahaha...I love that last picture. Stella is too funny!