Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

ok two extremely important things before we get started.
it FINALLY rained.  oh my word yes!!
ok, Penelope, but I doubt she goes by that.
Penelope Scotland.
i like how they incorporate their names in there.  like Mason Dash and now Penney Scotland.
cute - and i mean come on, i love me some Kardashians so they can't really go wrong.
anyways.....on to the weekend, linking up with these pretty ladies.
Friday night was low key.
we just played outside and all hung out.  nothing too wild.
Saturday morning Henry was up at the crack of dawn.
and this is what happens when homeboy is up so early
he crashes in the living room by 7:00.
PS - is it just me or sometimes sleeping on the floor is just the best.  especially when it's really hot.
wait, does that make me sound like a dog?  dogs do that.
anyways, i was quick to join him and we enjoyed some floor sleeping until princess woke up.
once everyone was up and moving we were headed out for the day.
we stopped by the bank to see aunt lacie.
and so of course stella can get jacked up on candy at 8:30 AND get the VIP treatment.
i swear homegirl has been in every room of that bank, ok maybe not the vault but i'm sure all she would have to do is tilt her head and smile and say please and someone would let her in.  ayi yi yi.
after that we headed to the pool with the lukes.
both of my kids are water babies now.  i just LOVE it!!
we headed back to town and had lunch with Kacie and Buck.
my kids were having some severe K&B withdraws.  they were SO excited to see them!!
once we got home we met nana and then headed to target.
we got home and crashed.
again, just some more floor sleeping.  lol.
kidding, they aren't really sleeping like that.
because let's face it, stella's head would suffocate henry's body.
nothing like 99 percentile heads
the rest of the evening we hung out, until the storm hit.
i packed everyone up and we headed to join nana and dean.
holy moly driving to waterloo i had a 'jesus take the wheel' moment.
it was crazy scary - 40 mph, flashers on, i almost cried.
but we made it, safe and sound.  PTL.
i would say everyone ended up having a great night just doing their thing.
Sunday morning we headed to breakfast.
we may have broadened our horizons and NOT actually gone to CK.  holy.smokes.
after breakfast we thought since it rained we could walk and it wouldn't be too bad.
WRONG - sweaty monsters we were.
oh well, we headed home and took baths and chilled.
and played dog.
my kid is OBSESSED with playing dog.
yes she even asked me one time where her bone was.
i promise they have TONS of toys.
oh well, good thing henry can crawl and has no idea what's going on, he did a good job as a dog too.  lol.
once daddy got up we hung out with him for a bit and then stopped by nana's to see her and lacie and phil.
we headed back home before the rain came down.  and PTL survived the storm.
henry was zonked by 8:00 so stella and i just enjoyed some chill time.
until i walked into the bathroom and found her doing this.....
yep, i'd say she is a little confused.
because she's clearly not praying to the porcelain potty.  lol.
ha - i asked her what she was doing and she said peeing.
and then it hit me, she saw landon doing this on saturday at the pool.  and well, monkey see, monkey do.  i even asked the baby sitter this morning if the boys do that at her house and she said yeah they have a stool they use.  oh my my - she keeps it entertaining.
hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Pamela said...

What adorable pictures!! they are precious! new follower from the hop~

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Stella's "peeing" picture is HILARIOUS!! Soo funny!

Sleeping on the floor zonks me out every time.

YAY for water babies!!!

We got some pretty crazy storms yesterday evening I heard on the news this morning that RB had some pretty severe storms.

Adrien said...

Haha, Stella! We were driving through the storms Saturday and last night, and all I have to say is that I'm glad Eric was behind the wheel, because I would have lost it. I do NOT do well when I can't see two feet in front of my car!

Sami said...

Ohh Stella I die. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! We had crazy storms here too! Thanks for linking up :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hahaha! How adorable! At least she was trying to pee in the toilet right? ;)

And now that you mention it, I kinda miss the days of falling asleep on the floor watching TV with the fam :)

Thanks for linking up with us!

April said...

LOL! Your pics are hilarious!!

Dana @ five30three said...

Love the peeing picture. And the sleeping babies are the cutest. Kids are so freaking funny without even trying!

Thanks for linking up!

Sara Phegley said...

Love the peeing in the potty pic!! Seriously made me laugh a loooong time!!!!

Erin said...

Did Kortney pull the baby out from her own vagina again?! Haha. Member that....

Kimberlee said...

haha hilarious photos!