Good Stuff

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Good Stuff

just some good stuff for today.

let's number it out:
3 months til my birthday.
momma's got ideas if you need any.
just sayin'
henry's birthday party is going to be caauuttte.
cars themed and thanks to the ladies at work and shower leftovers, it's going to be extremely cheap.
(still trying to figure out how this little boy is almost a year old.)
one month until vegas.
which means i will be right next to two beans poles in swim suits.
also knows as my sisters.
ugh - geesh, have a kid or something.  get some mom hips.
you will find me at the bar, in a cover up.
skinny beeyas.
i pretty much cried nothing but happy tears most of my way to work this morning.
really good things are happening to some people who really do love each other.
and i am over the moon happy for them.
oh gosh here i go again with the tears!
probably my new favorite song.
i mean you can't listen to this and not be happy.
and not want to hit a back road and have a car bar, but maybe that's just me......
happy tuesday!


Kim Luke said...

1. gimme ideas!!
2. ugh, tears! slow down babies!!!
3. jealous. but you are skinny too. biatch!
4. love you. love love love you.
5. yes, love this song too!!!!

6. Pool night??

Anonymous said...

Isn't it 4 months until your birthday??!

Good song!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

My birthday is in a month and for the first time ever I am not stressing over planning. It's always so much pressure to plan something fun lol.

Have fun in Vegas! I live 4 hours away and don't go nearly enough!

Ashley Mitchell said...

3. Tell Danielle to eat some of those cookies you CLAIM she