Oh How Pinteresting!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

i've been back on the pinterest wagon recently.
or maybe i should just call it the ecard wagon.
lawd those ones are just hilarious.
so i'm linking up today for some pinning and funnies.
because i need funnies - like bad.
so here we go, put your coffee down, these just crack me up
seriously how TRUE is this?!
bahahahaha you know you are totally guilty of doing this.  ha.
using this daily now.  daily.  lol.

ok and now on to something i pinned and actually did.
i printed these off:
and did this in the kids bathroom
cute right?  seriously this is about as crafty as i can get.  no joke.

true dat.
you know we gotta have a sappy pin in there here and there.

have a happy wednesday!
it's not supposed to be too bad tonight, i'm pretty sure if you are looking for us we will be planted at the park ALL night AND going for a walk.  PTL.
ok ok and probably a sno cone too.
someone's excited!!
<3 <3 <3


Kristina said...

Those bathroom printables are cute. I think I might need to print and use them at work for the kids!

Kacie said...

I pinned those bathroom printables too! Love them! I love how Henry has his legs crossed all relaxed in the car seat :)

Jen said...

No hoes allowed..haha! Love it.

Adrien said...

I literally shout "Amen!" every time I see that first ecard! Those printables are perfect for your bathroom - good job!

Joyness Sparkles said...

The bathroom printables crack me up!

***Stopping by from the hop, have a great day!

Sammantha said...

I really like those bathroom printables, I like the whole feel of that bathroom actually. :) Stop by and say hi sometime!