Friday Letters

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters

i'm in a good mood!
it's friday!
let's do this:
dear dad,
sorry again about stella puking on your not even one year old carpet last night.
swimming + sno cones + chocolate ice cream = not a good combo.
i know she's cute, but occasionally homegirl can be told no.
dear sno cone place,
oil spill, enough said.
i get it every time and LOVE it every time.
so so good.
i heard the pizza flavored one is good too, right lacie?  bahahahaha.
dear pinterest,
i mean you really do have everything on that damn site.
when i was 18 i went to cancun with two girlfriends.
yes, three 18 year olds alone in cancun.
no idea WHAT our parents were thinking.
anyways, our first night there we drank electric lemonades.
oh my word they were amazing.  even if i literally felt like i puked up electric the next day.
last night on pinterest i FOUND the recipe.!!  happy happy girl.
kendra and kim - pool side with electric lemonades PRONTO.
we will just pretend like we are in cancun.
except for no breaking into hotels, or leaving people on buses, or falling and bleeding so bad that we contemplate going to a hospital, or wooden benches that electric lemonades tear the varnish off of.
dear henry george,
i just love you so dang much.
you're just too cute.  the best snuggler.  you're growing up WAY to fast.
you are the easiest baby ever.  SO go with the flow.
ahhhhh - i just love you!!
and yes i remind myself of these things every morning at 5:30 when we are both up......
dear late night picnics,
yes, yes, here we are again enjoying the living room floor.
but come on; barney + puffs and yogurt melts AND the spinner just in case anyone gets outa hand.
the best way to spend my nights <3
dear slow pitch softball,
PLEASE be good to me tonight.
i haven't played in years.  this could be a sight people.
dear catholic church picnic,
one word - bingo.
SO excited!

have a good weekend!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

dear new bosses, i love you. end of story.
dear house, clean yourself. :)
dear weekend, im so glad you are here!

Adrien said...

Dear Cassie, I love that you play bingo. :D

Maybe we'll see you there!

Kasey said...

just found your blog and wanted to say hello! I'm a new follower :):) love all of your pics :D please come check out my blog some time!!

Anonymous said...

which church picnic? I dont think Renault's is tomorrow like previously scheduled, but I could be wrong. 28th- Rocher's (again, I THINK) so hopefully we will see you there!

April said...

LOL! I love sno cones! But we sure don't have any sno cone places here in MN! The electric lemonade looks frightening!