Friday Letters

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Letters

hello Friday, for what feels like the second time this week.
let's not do that again, ok?
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dear bff,
thank you for having an awesome subdivision pool
not going to lie it was crazy weird being there without the kids and i missed them like crazy but it was super relaxing and so nice to just talk and tan and just be.
dear henry,
thanks for being a good sport
ha - stella and i sure did think it was funny.
dear weather,
enough already.  please.  it's freaking hot.
dear sisters,
we really need to start planning our vacation outfits.
you know so i can steal borrow a majority of them.
dear kacie,
i haven't told S&H yet about tomorrow, but i have a feeling when they see you they are going to be CRAZY excited!!  yay!
dear daddy,
happy half birthday.  30.5!
dear henry's 1st birthday,
we are going with the Cars theme - anyone have any good recommendations?!
dear eric church,
damn you and your songs that hit me like a freaking ton of bricks.
dear life,
i think i may just be figuring you out :)

have a good weekend!!


Katie said...

hahahah cute picture of Henry!

I'm with ya on the weather thing. Geezo pete its hot!!

Melissa said...

Happy Friday!

When you figure life out...shoot me an email. I'd love to know the trick!

Ashley said...

Hahaha I love Eric Church's letter. Too true. Cute blog you have here! Happy Friday, girlie! :)

Mitch said...

Where did you get your suit? It is super cute.

Kacie said...

Can not wait for lunch!!!! And tons of Stella and Henry hugs and kisses! :)

Anonymous said...

Just when you figure life out you will always get thrown for a loop. Trust me. Been there done that.

April said...

Love your blog! Funny, I went to our subdivision's pool today for about and hour before picking up my daughter from daycare and it felt so strange to be there without her! I found your blog via the Friday letters link up. April

Lara said...

I have a race track you can borrow. I saw where you line the track with cupcakes and it's super cute!

Katie said...

Haha that picture of Henry is adorable! He looks so happy about it but I'm sure in just a few short years that will all change :)