Holiday Wrap Up

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Holiday Wrap Up

for all those at work today - i feel your pain.
my lord i didn't even do anything crazy yesterday and i'm whooped.
let's recap the last couple (ok two) days.
tuesday work shut down at 3:00 - happy day!!
the lukes said, swim party, and we were there.
double dating - sibling style.
stella and landon BOTH swam without those nasty swim diaper things.
ahhhh - going without those are the BEST.
stella is getting braver and braver every time we swim.
which is awesome because i'm thinking she will be ready for some hard core swimming next year!!
of course henry and layla are so low key.  they would rather just eat and drink and tan.
which is hands down, the best way to go.
and check out this picture:
i'd say someone it just smitten with lando.
after a few hours of swimming we headed home and everyone crashed early.
wednesday was a chill morning.
sang happy birthday to america, you know, the norm then headed to nana's for breakfast.
of course we all dressed in our flag shirts
stella wanted her and her brother to match.
it literally melted my heart.
because let's face it that's going to fly for like MAYBE another year.  lol.
and she was strict on wondering where everyone else's flag shirt was.
the kids enjoyed a fun flag party and were whooped and took a two hour nap when they got back.
once everyone was up and got their second wind we enjoyed dinner and then settled for the fireworks on tv.
or as stella would like to call them, firecrackers.
now back to the grind today!
hope everyone had a fun and safe fourth of july!


Kim Luke said...

love the matching shirts!!
Landon wore the same shirt he wore last year. way too small but i forgot to get them shirts. and layla's said 1st 4th, 2011. baha, fail.

love that pic in the truck-makes my heart skip a beat!

swim party this weekend, can't wait!!

sblind2 said...

That pic of Stella and Landon is so cute!! her with her cute lil blonde curls and him in his "monster" truck! adorbs!

I was driving to work on Tuesday and it hit me Brody doesn't have an Old Navy flag shirt this year! oh well red sleevless GAP shirt worked just fine!

Lara said...

How great is it that you and your bff have kids around the same age! Landon and Stella are so cute in that truck! My boys had shirts that went to waste since we never left the house. But if Ty is potty trained after this, I'll set off our own fireworks! After it rains, of course!

Katie said...

LOVE that picture of Stella & Landon in the truck!! Too cute :) hahah

Cute flag shirts!!

Sami said...

You three in your shirts? So so cute! Love the toddler dating.. adorable!!

Adrien said...

Love all of the pictures! Gotta love the matching shirts! Eric and I realized as we were walking in the mall yesterday that our whole family was matching...and then we suddenly felt like super nerds. Haha. The cute only goes so far! :D