Christmas in July!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July!!

Happy Christmas in July!!
yes yes i'm that person today who will remind you that Christmas is in FIVE months.
thank goodness this is over the web and i can't hear you curse me.
ok actually we can blame danielle.
ha poor danielle we've all learned so much about her in the last two hours.
bahahahahaha - someone's had too much coffee this morning.
but regardless the second she sent this i instantly became cheery!
so thanks sister.
i may be ashamed to admit that i have this many Christmas/holiday songs on my itunes.
ayi yi yi.

so you can bet your booty that this
AND this
will be played a good three times today.
don't judge me by this - please.
ok ok these are going to be played on repeat too.....
'all i want for Christmas is a real good tan' by kenny chesney
of course i'm going to belt to my own mariah carey concert of 'all i want for Christmas is you.'
youuuuuuuuu babyyyyyyyyy.
ha you know you just did it too.
taylor swift's 'christmases when you were mine' will happen too.
of course a good few tunes that remind me of the sisters from little women frolicking through the snow.
'here we come a-wassailing amoung the leaves so green, here we come a-wand'ring so fair to be seen.  love and joy come to you, and to you your wassail too.'
ha danielle i can picture you singing this right now.  lol.
i have to show a bit redneck side too and admit i may know every word to 'merry Christmas from the family' but i am happy to report i don't have the redneck twelve days of Christmas on my itunes.
SMH SMH SMH - get the car key outa your ear.
oh my this is getting outa hand.
with that being said - just do it.  play one Christmas song today.
i guarantee you it will make you smile!!
ok and if not go buy a Christmas present for someone.
i may have started my Christmas shopping already too!
Merry Christmas in July!!


Katie said...

Lord help you!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Lol!! You are on top of it! I feel like it's not even time for the 4th yet...and that clearly passed weeks ago ;)

sblind2 said...

I remembered today when I looked at me and the other admin....she has red and I have green on!! I'm like Christmas in July!!!!

Katie said...

Love love love Christmas music! I went to 6 flags with some of my cousins on July 25th and we sang Christmas songs on every ride we went on....cheesy and dorky? Maybe...but it was fun!