If You Really Knew Us....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

If You Really Knew Us....

hey guys - it's S&H.
we have hacked mommy's blog today!!  ha, so hang on.
if you think our mommy is funny, you have no idea what you are in store for.
we thought we'd be super cool too and play along with the 'if you really knew me" game.
but S&H style.
here goes nothing:
first off, let's apologize for the extreme amount of nakie pics.  SMH.
moving on.....

if you really knew Stella, you'd know:
*if i could get by with wearing shorts and a t-shirt every day i would.
but for some reason my mommy doesn't think that's appropriate for church.....whatev.
*i'm pretty sure i have more shoes than my parents combined.
and i'd rather wear three pairs: tennis shoes, flip flops or my croc-as.
who runs this house?!
*i love me a good stroller walk.  but don't you dare try to buckle me up, shit will hit the fan.
*i have recently discovered these things called VHSs, they look crazy weird, but i'm kinda obsessed.
i call them mobies.  my mom thinks that's funny for some reason.  i just give her the look.
*so i also sing happy birthday to random people on a daily basis.
i mean come on, who doesn't love the happy birthday song?!
*and in order to sign the happy birthday song we have to have a cupcake, right?
i have been know to make believe just about anything is a cupcake.
and you WILL eat and you WILL tell me it's good.  ok!?
*my GGma made me this really cool Barbie doll sleeping bag, but i think outside the box and to me it's totally a pot holder for my kitchen.  you know those pots and pans get hot!
*of course you all know i'm kind of addicted to sweet tea.
and it's not like we go to mcdonald's a lot or anything but you can bet your bottom dollar i know what i want, "plain cheeseburger happy meal for a girl with a sweet tea."  boom.
*sometimes when i don't get my way and my mommy asks me why she thinks i should get my way, i tilt my head to the side and smile pretty and say cuz.
works.every.time.  ha!
*oh yeah and my lucky number is 10.  i was born at 8:02 which equals 10, i weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces which again equals ten, i was 19 inches long, again, 10, and i was born in 2010.
trust me - i think my mom thinks WAY to much into that kinda stuff too.  she's got a lucky number for my brother too..... SMH.
*ok ok and last one, if you really knew me you'd know my brother is my best friend.
no joke.  as much as i think his toys are mine and as hard of a time as i have with sharing with him, ok and let's try to forget about that time when i cried for a good two weeks when my parents brought him into my life, i honestly couldn't imagine my life without him.  i kiss him good night all the time.  tell him i love him and hug him a lot.  i sometimes forget that i'm bigger than him - but i'm just getting my time in before he really is.

alright alright, let's get off the sweet stuff, i'm kinda like my mommy is that department.
i'm a closet lover.
moving on to my brother....

if you really knew Henry, you'd know:
*i got the softie gene.  and i'm totally ok with it.
it's like it works with the ladies.  they all ohhh and ahhh over it.
and my sister thinks she runs this place?  she's got a whole new thing coming.
pretty sure my snuggling and hugging on my momma will beat her 'i think i'm cute and i get what i want' idea.
*i am pretty go with the flow when it comes to clothes.
you just better bring a couple outfits for the day.  i'm known to drool through about three shirts a day.
sorry bout it.
*i'm kind of a big fan of toilets.
for some reason my mom and aunts get all grossed out.  i mean i stop dead in my tracks and look at them like, 'what?'  i just want to get those white cap things off the bottom.
seriously, they are the coolest things ever!
*however, when i finally decide to take my aspiring model career into serious business we will forget about the toilet fascination, ok?
because let's face it - it will happen.  would you like my autograph now?
*ok so this one may come as a surprise to my sister, but sometimes when she isn't looking i grab one of her baby dolls and totally try to eat their face off.  ha, she's yet to catch me.  but lemme tell ya she's NOT a fan when she finds my drool all over her dolly.
*along with my super ability to drool on just about anything, i can make some super awesome car noises.
i kinda pride myself in the noises i can make.
and yep, that's right, more drool appears.  PTL i don't have to clean that stuff up, right?
*i'm pretty sure i could totally just walk like yesterday, but i'm kinda enjoying my sister having to run behind us because my mom is holding me.  i sometimes laugh out loud about it.  sucka!!
*i have yet to figure out why anything i am playing with my sister instantly thinks she had first.
but trust me, the second i turn on the tears, i get it back.  boom!
*i am crazy ticklish.  and according to my mom i have a pretty contagious laugh.
*also a fake ice cream cone can keep me entertained in the car for quiet some time.
but you put some real ice cream in front of my face and i will own that stuff.
*oh yeah and my lucky number is 15.  i was born at 2:15, weighing 7 lb 15 ounces and on the 30th, which divided by two is 15.
*ok ok and my sister is seriously my best friend too.  i told you i was a softie....
i just get crazy excited anytime mommy asks if we are going somewhere and my sister immediately makes sure i am coming too.  she cracks me up with her crazy antics.  but come on, we don't know any other way to handle her but besides laugh.  she honestly will keep me out of a lot of trouble because i have a feeling i'm going to be the 'good one.'  so thanks for taking one for the team sis.

alright that's enough.  we hope you enjoyed getting to know us.
and thanks for reading mommy's blog!
xoxo - S&H


Sami said...

This is so freaking presh! Love your little babes they are adorbs.

The Independent Spinster said...

Too cute

Kim Luke said...

love this!
and it makes me love your babies even more! <3

Adrien said...

Aw, love it! :)

Katie said...

Stella's little painted finger nails in the bath picture are too cute!!!

Love that S&H are best friends :) too sweet.