Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

holy hot weekend.
i know i shouldn't complain it's STILL in the 90s.
it's cool compared to the 100s.
but ugh - i'm a drive with the windows down fan over use the AC.
and it was an AC wins kinda weekend.
so on to the weekend.
friday night i tried cutting henry's hair.
i just need to do like around his ears where it was starting to flip out and a little in the back.
the scissors i had were crazy dull so josh suggested i use this trimmer thing.
well i have never used it before.
and well, of course i learn EVERY lesson the hard way.
and henry now has THIS in the back of his head:
whoops!  sorry hen.  just a big ole chunk of hair i took out of your head.
sorry buddy.
the rest of the night was low key and relaxing.
saturday i was off to ck.
afterwards we all hung out and then enjoyed a sleep over with aunt danielle.
ha - being goofy butts.
aunt danielle and stella snuggled and did girly things
while henry worked on his calendar model poses
and of course we indulged in one to many 'danielle cookies'
because her goodies are just SO good.
the next morning we were off to breakfast at ck and then church.
somehow stella's baby disappeared from the diaper bag and we just about had a high speed come apart in church because baby was GONE.  not cool.  and not fun.
after much convincing i told her baby was still sleeping and we could go and awake her up when we got home.
ayi yi yi.
after church we chilled and then S&H got in some much needed Daddy time.
and mommy some alone time.
josh was then back off to work and we headed to Gma and Gpas to celebrate Father's Day.
we got some much needed cousin time in and played and played.
the rest of the night was spent grooming in the bathroom
blow dryer - check
straightener - check
toothbrush - check.
gotta look good when she goes to bed - ha.
and then some brother and sisterly lovings.
<3 melt my heart <3
hope you all had a good weekend!


Sami said...

Aw that last picture melts my heart! Such cuties :) Sounds like you had a great weekend! Feel free to link-up your cute post to our Weekend Update link-up ;) Have a great day girlfriend!

Adrien said...

Hehe. One of the things I dread about having a boy is frequent haircuts! Just not something I've had to deal with as much with the girls. I know nothing about boy hair, and I would probably do the same thing you did with the trimmer. :D Your kids could have mullets, they'd still be cute!

Anonymous said...

lolol wooopsies on the haircut haha! too funny/cute ;)

The Independent Spinster said...

All those subtle little CK remarks made me hungry for some pancakes and hashbrowns. Thanks. My bottle of juice is looking pretty pathetic right about now.

Anonymous said...

hahaha poor Henry! I trim Andy's neck up all the time. The first time I did it one side was rounded the other was a straight steep line. I didnt notice it. One of his co-workers did. hahah whoops! I lost trimming the neck privileges for a while.

Love how happy they are when Aunt Danielle comes over! Too cute.

Ashley Mitchell said...

There is no way Danielle eats cookies, no way, I just don't believe it.

Alyssa said...

We're supposed to hit 90's this week and I am NOT excited about it! I can't imagine the hundred's!

Dana @five30three said...

Love the calendar model pose. Too cute! Thanks for linking up with us. This weather has been a bitch...