Lots of Firsts

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lots of Firsts

we had quite the night last night.
the norm, get home see daddy for like 15 minutes before he goes to work, make dinner and eat.
someone ends up choking or spitting up or spilling something.
90% of the time it's spilling something.
choking is second because my kids think it's necessary to try to shove as much food in their mouth at one time as humanly possible.
henry thought SIX puffs last night would be ok.
lesson learned the hard way - just like his momma.
oh well - we keep it interesting.
ANYWAYS....besides it being the third night in a row that stella insisted on wearing the SAME pair of Dora jammies Aunt Danielle bought her
or it being the third night in a row henry has slept naked.
hey he's a hot sleeper.  trust me he has his own pillow for that sweaty head ;)
and i'm loving the no laundry thing.
or it being the third night in a row that my children think 10:00 in their new bedtime.
what do they think they are on summer vacation hours?
but anyways, on to the important things.
stella got her first sno cone of the year last night
with papa too of course.
we are beginning to think he has a radar on us.
that's four punches in the ole sno cone card for mommy.  yay!
she also is obsessed with watching barney youtube videos on my phone.
no joke i think at times she can work an iphone better than me.
that's crazy scary.
but last night i heard something coming from my phone and i was cheesing.
danielle and lacie - she found 'i love my sister' song!!
ha and yes the song has been stuck in my head ever since then.
an oldie but goodie.
henry on the other hand had a severe case of old man butt last night.
ha - sorry bud.
i promise his butt crack isn't that red, it's just the picture.
needless to say we had a good 15 minutes of airing that wrinkly booty out.
however he's totally ok with it.  we slapped on a new diaper and threw back some margs.
and drank our worries away.  lol.
all in all it was a good night.
headed to the parade tonight, yes a parade on a tuesday.
we love parades!


Christine said...

old man butt, lmao!

Mary Cavalier said...

I love the sisters song! I would sing that to the girls all the time and had dreams of them performing it together - yeah right!

Beth said...

Can you believe there are NO Tropical Sno's out here. None. Zero. No side of the road shaved ice joints to be found. Although, really....who wants to buy a shaved ice from a questionable looking redneck hillbilly sporting a sleeveless plaid shirt, cut off jean shorts, with a total of 6.5 teeth and a misspelled tattoo prominently displayed on her giant upper arm? Not me, that's who. But I still miss Tropical Sno...go have one for me, okay?

Sami said...

Hahaha love the baby butt! He's really getting down on some margs :)