Friday Favorites!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favorites!

hey hey!!
it's friday.
linking up today for:
kinda excited - so let's do this!!

favorite part of today
it's this CUTE CUTE CUTE little boy's THIRD birthday.
how in the world he is three i have NO idea.
i remember being at st. john's waiting for his momma to deliver.
and little did i know his bride-to-be was in my belly.
ha - boy has a lot changed in three years.
happy birthday future son-in-law - we love you!!

favorite recipe of mine that you all should make
duh the ravioli bake i talked about yesterday.
easy - no joke.
crockpot.  spray it duh or those handy crockpot liner things.  life savers i tell ya.
buy those frozen ravs from of course, target.  they come in the bag - market pantry kind rocks.
dump half the bag in.  take pasta sauce pour half it over the ravs.  cover with half a bag of mozzarella cheese.
repeat another layer of that goodness.
turn your crockpot on high for about four hours.
you're welcome.

favorite new picture of henry
:) :) :)
looking at this picture just makes you wana smile.

favorite new thing for stella to do
go to the park.
homegirl is obsessed with the park!!
yes - i'm that mom who has to drag the screaming kid outa the park because it's time to go home.

favorite new blog find
ms. ellen at this hive
homegirl has me cracking up.
check her out like yesterday.

have a happy and fun weekend!!
my sister's FINALLY coming home - yay!


Katie said...

Happy birthday Landon! He is too cute!!

Sooo after reading your ravioli bake recipe I totally do not layer mine. Whoops!! Maybe we should compare our cooking skills before we whip up dinner for Kath and her fam. hahaha

Henry's smile melts my heart!

Ashley Mitchell said...

The pic of Henry, melt. my. heart.

Lindsey said...

shut up! I'm making that ravioli! Like legit making it this week! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up!!!!!!!!!


Kim Luke said...

Landon says thanks for the shout out! Love you!

Anonymous said...

holy crapola! thanks gf ;)