Three Things Thursday

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three Things Thursday

let's do this
heather style:

3 Things I am Counting Down Til:
officially booked.  less than 2 months.  holla!
*Henry's first birthday.
did i really just say that?
77 days until he's ONE.
holy smokes.
*a possible blogger meet up with people i don't even know.
ummmm this screams crazy super fun to me!!

3 Pinterest Recipes I Will Be Making
let's be honest.

i don't cook much.
and baking - yeah that's for my sister.
we love her goodies ;)
but drinks - ok i can do that.
*i actually made this a couple sundays ago.
easy and ah-mazing!
*oh and i didn't personally make these but we made them at CK.
i'm going to tell you right now to NOT do this.
you won't be able to stop eating these.
*ok and come on this is my go to meal at least once a month.
ravioli bake.
easiest in the crockpot, right katie?  lol.
and easy for kids and easy for momma.
happy everyone!

 3 Things I Love About My Dad
and since it's almost father's day.
*he's crazy super handy.
he can fix just about anything.
*he's my general contractor.
not only can he fix anything, he can build anything.
*he's given me my ice cream addiction.
ok, grandma steibel may have done that too.
but thank you, regardless.



sblind2 said...

is that pancake batter OVER bacon slices!?!?!?

Sami said...

I think meeting a bunch of bloggers that you don't know sounds SUPER fun to me! :)

The Independent Spinster said...

Curious about this bacon it cooked B4 you put the pancake batter over it?

Brandy said...

That drink looks fabulous!

Mind Bradley said...

What about just blog followers :)

Crystal L said...

I am wondering the same thing Heather is...

Julia said...

Umm...that ravioli bake looks Yum-O!!! And it sounds like something I would actually make because I really don't cook much either! Where can I get the recipe?

Julia said...

Umm...that ravioli bake looks yum-o and looks like something I might actually make! Where can I get the recipe?

Beth said...

*a possible blogger meet up with people i don't even know.
ummmm this screams crazy super fun to me!! ----- oh how I wish I could be in on this!

......and you're going to have to share that ravioli bake recipe. Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

hey! just came across your blog through the daily tay ;) cant wait to read more from ya! youre kids are freakin adorbs by the way.

Sarah said...

Apparently your Dad brings ice cream to the guys at Ultra Play all the time lol. Such a sweet guy!! :)

Anonymous said...

So crazy that Henry will be one in a couple months!! I got Rowan's first bday party invite yesterday. I was a bit confused at first when I saw it was from the Limbaugh's. I was not even thinking about him turning ONE alrady! Sooo crazy!!!

Looove me some Ravioli Bake although I have not tried it in the crockpot. Hmm might have to try it that way.

And I thank YOU for my ice cream addiction. When you use to blog about you and Stella sharing ice cream that is when my addiction went into full swing. So good!!