So What! Wednesday

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So What! Wednesday

hey hey wednesday!
the kids and i enjoyed a great walk yesterday and played outside.
i had a marg last night and some good quality girl time.
life is good.
like really good.
especially for henry.
he got a new swing and homeboy is outa this world giggly when he's in it.
it's the cutest thing ever.
AND you all are crazy awesome.
your kind words yesterday and reaching out like rocked.
let's all get together and have more margs.
and be nothing but nice to people.
sounds like a plan to me!!

on to take care of business:
*so what if my sister has been stuck in canada for like 10 days and i just want her to come home already.
i NEED her.  i really miss her.  so do S&H.
and i really want her to bake me some cookies.
*so what if the bottom part is broken on both of my heels and i'm just a clanking around today.
PTL most of the office is carpet.
*so what if i wish Sami was like my neighbor.  i think we'd get along great in real life.
*so what if i always choose the setting on instagram that makes me look the most tan.
you know you do it too.
*so what if i have had a bloody nose every day since sunday.
no wait - NOT so what - seriously wth?
*so what if my daughter just got a ton of a almost four year old's clothes and they all just about fit her fine.
homegirl's a good eater :)
*so what if i had a snickers for breakfast.
it was starring at me this morning.
i also had a peach - that evens it out right?
shit stella had a zinger and m&ms.
parents of the year i tell you.

that's it for today.  props for some more awesome weather this morning.
have a great day!


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

aww henry ... you look good in that swing mister. you have one cool mommy.

Sami said...

Um! I wish you were my neighbor too duh. I had cupcakes for breakfast like 3 days last week.. it was fine! Sooo you live in IL, does that mean that you can come hang with Dana and I when I come to Chicago?? I would look it up on a map but I'm geographically challenged. I hope it's a yes though! I think everyone chooses the filter on Instagram that makes them look the best, as far as I'm concerned that's what they were invented for. Have a fab day love!!

Anonymous said...

love the pictures of Henry in his new swing!! You can tell from the pictures he loves it!

Which sister is Canada? Is she alone? Thats scary!!

You and your bloody nose. Anytime I get one I think of you. hahah

Melissa W. said...

So what if I lost TWO followers this week...

NO...actually that kind of bummed me out...

A marg sounds amazeballs...wasn't someone saying something about a blogger meet up?!? Wouldn't that be something...

Adrien said...

Love the swing! I eat crap for breakfast all.the.time. If I eat something that's actually intended for breakfast I feel good about myself. Even if that something is coco puffs. :)