Is It Fall?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is It Fall?

hello June 12 - you feel like November 12.
and if it was November it would be my birthday.
and everyone would be happy.
and i LOVE it.
thank you.
i need a patio and a marg.  and it's only 9:00 in the morning.
but come on i live in the mid-west.
it'll be 105 in three days.
oh well - i'll take it while i can.
it took everything in my power NOT to pack the kids up for the zoo today and call in 'sick.'
actually i could probably have done a "work from the zoo" day.
because i have the best boss ever.
so i know it's half way through 2012 but i just switched to google chrome this morning.
in love.
hi my name is cassie and i'm light years behind in technology.
no biggie.
if you haven't done it yet do it - highlight of your day fo-sho.
anyways, more rambling.
i have no new pictures of the kids so post.
i don't really have any good hot gossip.
sorry for the let down folks.
i did hear that.....wait....ha.  nevermind.
i'm sure that rumors about me instead.
moving on.
let's talk friends for a second.
life is a crazy mess right now.
and some people i thought were the best of friends are no where in sight.
and that's killer.
someone told me that going through a time like this you will really learn who your true friends are.
and in five days and not a word from some people - it hit me like a freight train.
i hate it.  it's super sad.
but then at the same time - so be it.
as sad as it makes me feel it's life.
i understand life gets busy and people get busy - but even just a simple text to say, 'i'm thinking of you'
that would go crazy far.
i'm sure i'm guilty of it too.  and i'm not asking for a pity party.
just missing some people today.
so preach oprah woman.
i'll miss those friends - but i'm not sure what they really were in the first place.
just keep in mind people - a small text, card, call, e-mail, message, anything can go a long way.
it's better than nothing. about those margs on a patio......


Sarah said...

You are not alone sister! There is a reason my bff is a 3 year old. I'm learning you can only surround yourself with people who bring positive to your life. And if that means not even a handful of people, than so be it. People surprise me everyday. All you can do is be the friend you wish others were to you & hope that you might find one that is one in return. I'm still trying to find mine! Keep your head up & until that time comes...squeeze those babies tight. They have to love us & can't go anywhere :)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Amen to what Sarah said!
Im with you on needing a drink already! NOT a good day over here.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what is going on....and I know that we are the closest of friends...but know that if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask....I see a lot of personality traits in Stella that are of Megan....they would be the best of friends, I just know it. SO if you ever need a Marg at home, I am willing to pack up Meg and come on over for a playdate with my ear ready to listen. :) just and FYI :)

Beth said...

:( Didn't know you were in a rough patch, friend. I've always admired people like that, who keep on smiling anyway and you go weeks without realizing anything was ever even wrong. So kudos to you! It's a breath of fresh air. Hope something amazing happens to you today! Go buy a lotto ticket or something :)

Jackie said...

Amen to Sarah too!
It's so true!

The Independent Spinster said...

The biggest lesson I learned in life is that you can ALWAYS count on your "real" friends. Pregnant, not pregnant, married, divorced, single, dating...doesn't matter where you are in your life, they should be right next to you cheering you on.

I have gotten rid of a lot of "fluff friends" and "fair weather friends" in the past two or three years. I may not have a large number of people to call when I need to blow off some steam now...but the ones I do call, I know I can count on. That's what matters.

Brandy said...

Girl, I feel like I need a marg every morning by 8! :) I have absolutely gone through the disappearing friends situation. It's so disheartening. It's hard to know that people you thought would be there, just aren't. Your blog friends are here to listen, girl!

Anonymous said...

my comment was supposed to say not the closest of friends (but we could be ) :)

Emily said...

Can someone say BNO?! Bloggers or blog stalkers (meeeee); we're good people! =)

Adrien said...

I could have written this post, except in my case it's more like "who needs enemies?" I don't care if someone doesn't like me, but let it go and stop gossiping constantly about my family. The End.

Hope your friends come around and things get back to normal for you. :)

Dana @five30three said...

I'll have a margarita on the patio with you anytime. Oh and I had to dig out my long sleeves again this week for the fall like weather in Chicago. Nutso.

Aunt Rachel said...

Hang in there girl! You are in my thoughts.