Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

ok let's first start off with a promise to blog every day this week.
sorry about last week - let's just move on from that, ok?
on to the weekend.
S&H were off to grandma and grandpa's for a sleepover.
or as stella preferred to call it dane and marcey's.
the whole way there she told me she was going to eat ice cream with dane and color with marcy.
priorities i tell ya.
she was one happy lady.
henry ofcourse was laid back and could care less.
i'm not sure if i'm ready for him to start having an opinion yet.
or wait more like i'm not sure if his sister is ready.
because let's face it - it's her way or the highway.
so anyways, they were off for a sleepover, daddy to work and mommy out for some girl time.
cardinal baseball style.
ps - first time sitting in the redbird club.
crazy nice.  highly recommended.
and they had fireworks after the game too.
they were amazing.
and then there was drinking and dancing.
no chicken dance - PTL.  ha.
saturday was a BIG day.
stella was getting her hair cut!!!
and let me tell you - i had NO IDEA who this child was.
she was an angel.  an ANGEL.
she loved every second of it.
before and after.
she looks SO grown up!!
thanks again lara!!
after that we headed to ck for breakfast and then to chill for the rest of the day.
we partied it up at a graduation party that night.
sunday we were up bright and early and welcoming visitors all day.
lacie and phil came over and gave me 10 minutes to myself.  you know to shower.
and then nana and dean came bearing mcdonalds - holla!!
everyone slept like rocks the whole night and life is good this morning.
here's to a good week.



The Independent Spinster said...

Awwww...first haircut! Did you cry?? Avery is 3 and still hasn't had her first haircut. Aunt Heather gets to do the honor, and I'm not sure I'm ready to cut her curls off yet!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Aww..Stella's hair. Too cute! We need to see a front shot. :)

Adrien said...

What a big girl! Super cute! I still haven't cut Evie's hair, even though she NEEDS it. I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it, but I think the time is near....

Beth said...

Oh my word, what a cute little bob! Perfectly curling up on the ends! What does she think of it?

JJ had his first haircut at 8 months because no matter how much blue I dressed him in, strangers still told me how cute my little girl was. Sheesh. It's ok, he *was* starting to look a little emo.

Meagan said...

Are those shots of hot damn?!?! That's my ultimate fav & if it is I'm super jealous!

In love with Stella's new big girl haircut and it looks like her curls might stay!!

Anonymous said...

Too adorable on the hair cut.

Sarah said...

I l.o.v.e. Stella's haircut. The first haircut is so bittersweet.
Now go put her in pigtails!! :)