So What! Wednesday

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So What! Wednesday

i could not get outa bed this morning.
when i finally pepped myself up enough to get up it's already way past time.
get three people ready in 20 minutes ain't nothing for this momma.
of course 2.5 seconds after i get up, so does henry.
good thing playing with the toilet keeps him entertained while i get dressed.
kidding......kinda.  hey, it's clean.
and a super fun drum if you ask hen.
so hen and i are getting ready and sis wakes up.
she comes in and doesn't even ask for me.
she asks for her brother.
finds him by the toilet and kisses and hugs him.
nothing says love like kissing by the toilet first thing in the morning.  ha.
so we all get dressed and get out the door.  only a little late.
mostly because homegirl wanted to take 32948 things with her to connies.
except for the B.  we forgot the B.  homegirl wasn't happy, but we made it.
i get to work and i swear my phone has rang 17 times in an hour.
i need more coffee.
ptl more of this will be served up in the parking lot today!
hopefully that makes you feel better heather!
so on to business:
*so what if over the past few weeks i only left my office like twice a day.
don't worry i still stand up and fluff my butt every hour.
*so what if i'm totally guilty of cutting the sleeves off some of my t-shirts.
redneck party of one.
*so what if i'm dreading finding out the price of ride tickets for the picnic this weekend.
carnies are making some serious cash.
*so what if everytime i think of the picnic i think of the one time my friend hooked up with a carnie.
oh kendra, lol.  too funny.
i also think of the one time we were at a picnic and they had the game where you could win a fish and so we convinced the carnie to swallow like 8 of them.  ha oh carnies.
speaking of swallowing fish i swallowed one before.  maybe two.  i think it was just one though.  it was a minnow.  don't ask me the difference.
and i got two city slickers to do it with me too.
thanks to the lake of the ozarks and lots of alcohol.
anyways, where were we.....
*so what if my kids weren't into the parade last night.
stella literally sat in a chair and just wanted people to bring her stuff.
oh you got a popsicle, just go ahead and bring that over here to me, i'll eat it while you pick up the rest.
ha - homegirl has the LIFE.
henry - well, he slept through half of it.
but then was loving the rest of it.
*so what if i put the picture above in black and white because i didn't want my son to hate me for pushing him around in a pink stroller later on in life.  lol.  sorry buddy.
but the stroller really was SUPER cute.
alright - that's it for today!
happy wednesday!


Ashley Mitchell said...

that pizza makes me drool..yum
so what if..
zack gets a jucie box and fruit snacks from my mom every morning when we drop mason off, he eats real breakfast at school. :)

Sami said...

Can you send me some of that pizza??! Yum! Why is your baby so cute?? That sleeping picture is the cutest thing ever..besides his baby butt down there!

Anonymous said...

Awww Stella loves her baby brother! Too sweet. :)

And it was 2. Two minnow. YIKES!! Remember the guy that didnt believe people actually take shots with a minnow in it?! So we did a second shot to prove to our new friend wrong. hahah It's all easy peasy after the first one!

The Independent Spinster said...

Oooohhh...that know what I like!!! Yes, it did make me feel a tad bit better. Thanks love.

Adrien said...

Oh, the picnic. I'm am seriously dreading putting Gracie on any rides...because she will NOT want to get off. We're going to be putting on quite a show for a crowd of people. I'm sure we'll see you there, cause you won't be able to miss the screaming and gnashing of teeth coming from my kid. :D

Leah said...

hahah you cut the sleeves on your t-shirts off? That's hilarious! And the pizza... yum! I suddenly want pizza for dinner so bad. So so so so bad. But I can't :( I'm on my own 12 week shape-up and I can't go there right now. sadness.

Anonymous said...

someone just told me of Papa Tom's Fancy Franks food truck, looked at them on FB and just seen how amazing it sounds, have you tried them? They are by us today and cant get over there but I am going to try them out next time. (seeing that Pizza reminded me to ask you :)

Cassie said...

angie - email me, you don't have an email address set up to reply back to your comments.