Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

hey hey!
happy monday!
clearly the horse i bet on didn't win big at the derby saturday so back to the grind i go.
why am i freakishly obsessed with that dang 2 minute race.
i've never even been to a horse race before.
i one time went to some type of dog race in daytona.
talk about intense.
kidding - but it was super cool.
maybe that's where i got my start.
no idea, but i really love the names of the horses the most.
i still just can't believe 'i'll have another' came from 7th place to win the race.
intense people.  best two minutes ever.
anyways, on to the weekend.
friday night was a lay low kinda night.
we didn't do anything.  i'm not even sure if my kids took baths.
saturday we were up bright and early to eat at ck and head to the zoo.
we have a pretty awesome zoo in st. louis.
the $15 parking is a little cray, but worth it.
ESPECIALLY worth it if you have a zoo pass.
no joke people - best.thing.ever.
the elephants are my favorite hands down.
there were two babies out playing with her momma.
the goats were super friendly in the kids zoo.
homegirl freaked when a goat came right up to her and nipped her arm.
ha - it was just a love bite stel.
the giraffes of course for Ali because she LOVES them.
oh and the stingrays.  i have waited quite some time to pet these babies and it finally happened.
it was amazing.  a must do at the zoo.
after the zoo everyone was whooped.
it was a chill rest of the afternoon then mommy go to slip away for some alone time at target.
ahhhhhh, very much needed.
sunday everyone was up by 6 a.m.
but nonetheless everyone was in a great mood all day.  PTL.
i'm pretty sure just a bit more confidence and homeboy is going to be walking.
he's mastered his downward dog yoga pose so i know it's coming.
oh and he might be a lefty....
he was obsessed with this draw thing all sunday and everytime he went to pick up the pen he did it with his left hand.
a left handed pro football player - makin' momma proud.  lol.
the night ended with a walk with nana and a trip to DQ.
happy everyone.

oh and check out henry's ADORABLE 8 month pictures
click on children and families
then proofing
password: henry
homeboy was ALL business on picture day.
no smiles.
but man he's still SO cute.
and he looks SO grown up.  ahhhhhhh.  stop it!


Heather said...

I bet on I'll Have Another. Won $15.50 off of a $2 ticket and a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Long story.

Ashley Mitchell said...

donward dog..lol so funny when they do that.

Adrien said...

I've been itching to get to the zoo! We never pay for parking, because we're too cheap...haha. I can't wait until the new sea lion exhibit is open. :) Happy Monday!

Beth said...

The naked baby looking over the shoulder look is my favorite - those rolls! Love it!

Anonymous said...

The first one of you holding Henry is my fave!! Too cute!

Katie said...

Love the zoo! And Henry is getting so big! I never notice how quickly time is going by until I see babies growing up!