He Found It

Thursday, May 3, 2012

He Found It

let's start with a little background information.
my life has been mostly girls.
two sisters.
mostly raised by a single mom.
ten girl cousins.
my first born was a girl.
you get the picture.
so when i found out i was having a boy needless to say my first reaction was,
"i don't know what to do with boys."
and well, last night that statement became truer than true.
ok and i'm just going to go ahead and apologize to my son now.
if he reads this in years to come it will be utter and complete embarrassment.
and for that i am sorry bud.
last night was the norm.
josh leaves for work, we head out for a walk, come back, play for a bit, then baths.
S&H take baths together.
no big deal.
so here's sweet little heni just hanging out in the tub.
everything was going fine.
and then i noticed him just starring down.
i first though maybe he was just peeing and was trying to figure out what was going on.
and then it happened.
he went in for the reach.
the rest my friends is history.
if he wasn't touching or tugging, he was starring at it.
homeboy is obsessed.
i understand this is completely natural and normal.
and it's not like i told him to stop.
because let's face it, there's grown men who can't even stop.
but coming from a girls only background - i had no idea what to do/think/say.
i even texted someone who has brothers asking them to ask their mom what i should do.
i got nothing but an lol.
i text kim and kristen who both have boys and their only response was
"welcome to the world of boys."
ha - oh well, i dealt with it and thankfully once we were outa the tub and a diaper was back on he could care less about it.
i thought maybe the being peed on by him was a welcome to the world of boys sign.
or maybe his extremely daring and adventurousness.  he's not scared of anything.
but no i officially think this has welcomed me into the world of boys.
ready or not.

oh and last night was just a rough one for mommy.
according to stella i'm Mom now.
not Mommy.
i guess it's better than Cassie, which she did for a few days too.
oh and i am going to be IN for it with this child.
we were leaving the grocery store and she didn't want to buckle up in her carseat.
i said stella you have to buckle up, it's against the law.  do you want to break the law?
she looked at me with the most rebellious smile on her face and said "yyeeaahhhh!!"
i lost it.
dear god, help me.
good thing she's cute.
taking a picture with her phone just like mommy, excuse me Mom, does.
i need a margarita.....



Ashley Mitchell said...

just wait until he is 5, Zack has decided dropping his pants on the playground is funny. Not cool.

Mom, ugh, i hate this, i love being called mommy.

Lara said...

I don't really remember when his happened for me but it was difficult when Ty started talking and he would refer to "it" as his butt. I wasn't sure what I should have him call it, so I never corrected him and made that Josh's problem. :D

Heather said...

Hahahaha...As soon as I saw the title of this email, I knew what it was going to be about. That's awesome. Just PLAIN AWESOME!!!

I have a box of BL in the fridge. You should come over tonight and share it with me.

Andrea Ingles said...

Have you had where he starts laughing when you are wiping him while changing his diaper?? I feel so creepy when that happens...lol!! Oh and don't feel bad, jay calls me Ann more than mom!

Nicole Hedden said...

ohhhhh this is hilarious! definitely a GOOD laugh.

Laura said...

Oh man I can totally relate. Just wait...it gets better.... :)

sblind2 said...

You can def learn a lot from having little boys...

MY Creative Brightside said...

These pictures are so cute!!

Steph at http://mycreativebrightside.blogspot.com