Oh How Pinteresting!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

first off dear amazing weather:
welcome back!
my babies LOVE outside so this is just great.
also the app to make this collage is Pic Stitch.
it's free.
get it.
you're welcome.
on to business....
i may have a recent trend going on my pinterest boards....
ha, but we will save that for the perfect time and place.
but damn pinterest - you rock.
moving on.....
linking up over here today
let's do this
i want to hang this up at home, in my office, pass it out to certain people...
ha ok maybe a bit much but geesh can some people just learn to understand this?!?!

that's a VHS holder.
screwed to the wall.
with a picture in the front.
again damn pinterest - you rock.

i just LOVE this.
i have a extreme mild obsession with the royals.

if you're a ticket collector fah-reakkk like me, this is perfect.
no joke in my purse right now i have three concert/event tickets.
i can't explain why.  ha, i just can't seem to toss them.

i need to keep reminding myself of this!!

have a happy hump day!
this is back in the parking lot today and has my name written ALL over it.
nothing like parking lot pizza!!



Ashley Mitchell said...

That pizza is making my mouth water! Get. In. MY. BELLY.

Heather said...

Damn you! WHY did you have to bring the pizza back!!!?? This makes me soooo made that I'm not going to Chicago this month.

Anonymous said...

The Pi truck comes to your work?!?!??? Jealous.

Im kind of a ticket collector also. I hold onto them for years then evertfully stare at them for like 3 minutes and decide to finally throw them away. I don't know why I keep them, but I have a hard time letting them go.

Melissa W. said...

Totally getting that app...

I saw that ticket holder thing the other day. BRILLIANCE.

That pizza looks KILLA. In your parking lot, nonetheless. WOWZA. Totally jealous.