May, Hundos and Undies

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May, Hundos and Undies

ha - if that title doesn't get you, i don't know what else will.
first off let's start off by addressing the fact that it's MAY.
wasn't it just christmas?
we got a graduation invitation in the mail the other day.
graduations, schools out, vacations, summer - seriously, already?!?
not complaining - but holy hell.
i might as well buy my daughter a car now because i swear in no time she will be driving.
i need to see my therapist pronto.

in lighter news O.W.L took care of some serious biz-nas yesterday.
in one page refresh i went from this:
to this:
whhhhattttt - that's big stuff people!!
thank you!!

in other news this little stinker needs to attend a Potty Convention.
the baby sitter put her on the potty for 20 minutes yesterday.
took her off - put another kid on.
by time she walked out of the bathroom stella looked at her and said, 'i peed.'
ahhhhhh.  see, she clearly knows!!
so it was nothing but undies last night.
until homegirl peed ALL OVER MY COUCH.
this my friends is why god created beer and wine.
however my parents keep reminding me that i would sit on the potty for hours and have the biggest ring on my butt ever - yet i wouldn't ever pee.
why karma - why?!?!  lol.

oh and just for shits and grins i have to share this.
found this on pinterest and my word i can guarantee you my sisters are saying: YES!
happy tuesday!



Ashley Mitchell said...

look at you miss popular! ohh, potty training, fun stuff.

Adrien said...

Evelyn uses the potty every single day, and still can't/won't wear underwear. Pees in them on purpose. She is SO stubborn. So you are not alone! :)

Yay for rolling over 100,000!

Katie said...

Love that we are both talking about undies in our post today! hahahah

When Logan was in the potty training stage I put him on the potty plenty of times and he would get off with the ring on his butt and still not have peed. I also did the underwear one day with him and he peed on my white carpet!!! Love him. :)

Beth said...

We gave up for now. JJ sits on his potty and as soon as he feels the sensation that he needs to go, he stands up to pee. I tell him to sit down to pee, the potty catches it. He says "Ewww." Awesome.

Good luck, Stella!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

hahahaha love the pin about sisters... too funny :)