Rambling (wo)Man

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rambling (wo)Man

i have nothing but rambling for today.
seriously.  i'm just going to apologize now.
for starters why is it when you wear white pants you literally spill everything.
this morning i walked in my office and it literally smelt like someone pooped in here.
horrible way to start the day.
and me plus anything besides mine and my own kids poop makes me GAG.
come to find out it was my plant.
i guess that's what happens when you give it coffee...........?!?
it was horrible.
i grabbed it and threw it straight in the trash but of course didn't make it all in.
watery poopy smelled plant stuff, everywhere.
again, while wearing white pants.
of course!
speaking of poop stella is obsessed with saying 'my baby pooped everywhere!'
she will tell me she needs to change her baby's diaper because she 'pooped everywhere' and then when she is "changing" it she will tell her baby in the most serious voice ever, 'don't touch it.'
bahahahahah - she catches on to SO much.
ha, nothing is better than talking about poop in the morning right?
i think every time my sisters and i get together poop gets brought up.
weird.  we are girls, this is not normal.
oh well.  shit happens.  ha.
moving on......
i am seriously horrible at buying stuff for people and then telling them about it.
bad.  but i usually have a thing or two up my sleeve that they don't know about ;)
oh yeah and lacie remember to act surprised on sunday for your (god)mothers day gift.
good news for henry, if all fails with the pro athlete career, he may just take after his uncle buck.
homeboy LOVES working on stella's car.
which is good because i like it when guys work on girls car.
it totally shows hey, i care about what you are driving and want you to be safe.
it's super cute.
and come on those creepy guys at the speed lube don't give two shits.
anyways, i'm still leaning for the pro athlete thing.
pro athlete/model
regardless heni has it going on.
oh his sister on the other hand.
she's lost blog privileges until she pees on the potty.
stella + mom (yep STILL mom) + potty training = PTL for wine.
ahhhhhhh - how does she stay dry for four hours and then just pees everywhere.
last night she was SO proud to tell pawpaw she peed her pants.
ayi yi yi.
in other news i'm crazy obsessed with Khole & Lamar.  why?
those damn Kardashians, they are so addicting.
how crazy would it be with she really wasn't a Dash?!?
anyways, that's all i got.  like i said complete randomness.
sorry you wasted a good three minutes on reading this.
oh yeah and two days until my half birthday.
i will officially be closer to 30 than 20.
i feel a gray hair coming on......



Kacie said...

The whole car thing.....so damn cute!!!!! I would love for him to turn out like uncle buck! He would be proud:)