So What Wednesday

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So What Wednesday

let me first tell you that i have the BEST NEWS everrrrr!!
yesterday at 3:07 i got a text from the baby sitter.
stella went pee on the potty!!
ahhhhh - you couldn't wipe the smile off of my face!!
happy happy momma.
i was telling everyone - yep, because i'm that mom.
but seriously this is BIG stuff.
i am SO proud of you Stella Ann!!
but then i was quickly brought to the realization of:
'stella starting to potty train, henry ready to take off and walk, me getting closer to 30.....'
ahhhhhhhhhh.  slow down life.

so on with the so whats......
*if stella doesn't understand that henry isn't my brother too.
*if stella doesn't understand that nana is both lacie and danielle's mom.
she just thinks nana is lacie's mom.
i'm not even going to try to explain that she is MY mom too.
homegirl is confused.
(ha, clearly this is crazy cute but really how do you explain that?!!?)
*if i tell my kids it's going to rain so we have to go inside.
i mean come we've been out here for everrrrr.  but they believe it every time.  success.
*if i let my kids play in the fridge.
and yes stella is on the other side playing bee-ba-boo with henry.
aka peek-a-boo
cheap entertainment
*if my lunch yesterday consisted of cheetos and goldfish.
but lord let me tell you what all that cheese does to you......
*if i follow a crazy amount of people on instagram.
creeper what......?!
*if i'm about to lose it on the person who clips their nails and brushes their teeth AT WORK.
*if i'm a good four cups of coffee in every morning before lunch.
*if i let these babies stay up until 10:00 at night.
they're just too cute!!
Happy Wednesday!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

So what..
if i let mason pull all the wipes out of the wipe container this morning while i got ready for work this morning

if i haven't cooked at all this week

if i havent gotten ANY mothers day gifts yet, whoops

Meagan said...

Keegan hardly ever goes to bed at a "normal" time....I always hope he will sleep in tge next day when he does stay up late nut he never does.

Heather said...

I've tried explaining the whole, I'm your aunt but your mom is my sister thing to Gage and Avery before. Fail.

Katie said...

YAY Stella going potty on the potty!!!! :)

Grooming WHILE at work that's a bit odd.

So What if I cried all the way to work listening to CornBread's callers talk about their moms and how much they appreciate them.