Confession Friday

Friday, May 25, 2012

Confession Friday

raise your hand if you're excited about the holiday weekend!!
oh two hands for this stud muffin!!
he's ready to parrrrr-ttaayyy.

anyone else have those shirts that you really only let your kids wear at home?
i mean don't get my wrong this shirt is cute - but it's not public cute.
like he has another one that says something about big loads and has a dump truck on it.
oh my word how embarrassed would i be if someone read that IN PUBLIC.
i think it came from wal-mart, which explains A LOT.
ha - so first confession, i'm already all over my son's wardrobe.

also let's confess that his happened:
thank you again sara for this laugh the other day.
every thing about this is funny.
let's start left to right.
yep - that's me.  nice hair right?  i would say that's a bowl cut.  hands down.
cheesin' hard core AND could that gap between my teeth get any bigger?  PTL for braces.
sara - ha i'm guessing we were heading home from a sock hop and that's not a veil.
i believe that's andrew (sara's brother) who seriously still looks the exact same to this day.
danielle - is that your gangster look?  awesome.
also you look super american here, which is a plus!!
oh and nice glasses - and hair.....
reminds me of that birthday card i got you one year.  bahahahaha.

i confess i wore the same shirt to work twice this week.
on purpose.
because i can.

i confess this is my bible lately.
i am BOUND and determined!!

i confess i went through my "snack" drawer at work today and threw away like a ton of food.
mostly because it was super hard or super stale.
hey at least it hadn't started to smell yet, right?

i confess that i'm freakishly obsessed with bethenny's wedding ring from Bethenny Ever After
speaking of her show - can't WAIT for the apartment reveal next week.
i cry just watching the previews.

i confess it's 10:30 a.m. and i could totally go for a drink right now.
holiday weekend fever......

alright that's it.  have a great weekend.
i am super ready for it!
be safe and have fun <3


Adrien said...

Hahaha, I love that you compliment your sister by telling her she looks like an American. You girls crack me up! And Henry is a stud no matter what he wears. :)

Ashley Mitchell said...

that pic of you looks just like Stella

I confess:
i am gonna take a day off work soon to clean my house without any children or husbands in it..and im excited about it.

Katie said...

Im wearing ths same pants I wore on Wednesday. Totally fine!! Every other pair of work pants were in the wash.

I found a rotten clemetine in my desk drawer once. It was so bad I didn't even remember what it was at first. hahah whoops!!

Sami said...

I had never seen Bethenney's wedding ring.. that is cool! i totally wanted a drink at 10:30am too.. thank god it's currently 8pm so we are most likely both having a beverage. Cheers :)

Sara Phegley said...

Thanks for sharing the pic with every one!!! It made me laugh again!