Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

from here on out i'm voting for all three day weekends.
technically i had like a three and a half day weekend.
friday around noon i got a call that i had a sick baby boy.
woohoo - long weekend + sick kid = awesome.
luckily it was just teeth.
those big back ones - no fun for heni or mommy.
nothing like having almost 10 teeth before you're 9 months, right?
oh well, he was a super awesome trooper who is lucky to have any fingers left.
because let's be honest they were in his mouth all weekend.
anyways, we spent most of our weekend outside
this is as close as stella would get to the pool.
i think she literally wore her swim suit for like 2.5 seconds.
she was all about putting her hands in and her feet in - but that's it.
ayi yi yi - why do my kids hate swimming?!!?
henry rocked the swimming attire.
but was more interested in stealing stella's drink than anything else.
oh well.
we played and played and enjoyed the outside all weekend.
nana was gone to cleveland all weekend and brought back some new shirts for S&H
their first rock and roll hall of fame shirts.
so cute!!
oh and stella had quite the personality this weekend.
she randomly decided to be attached to this stuffed dog she has.
which she appropriately named 'cassie'
yes - like MY name.
ha - ayi yi yi.
also, her and i were calling henry 'george' all weekend since he was kinda fussy and not being henry.
stella asked me what her fussy name was and i said well what do you want it to be?
she replied 'applesauce.'
ha - applesauce it is then baby.
so thank you george and applesauce for a fun holiday weekend.
<3 <3 <3



Nicole Hedden said...

too cute!!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

i get a three day weekend EVERY weekend (just thought i'd rub it in a little) :)

your babies are too CUTE!

Sami said...

Such cute kiddos! I love that you have fussy names for them and that she named her stuffed dog after you. Kids are funny. I spent time with my 5 yr old cousin and she told me she wrote a story.. it went like this "There once was a girl who wanted to meet a boy so she could fall in love." Good lord. Time for her to stop watching TV! :)

Katie said...

Andy is not a fan of water and because of that our kids will be in swimming lessons as soon as they are old enough. I hate that Andy doesnt like water. I would be crushed if our kids hate it also!! Stella looks sooo big in that picture of her wearing the shirt your mom got her.

The Independent Spinster said...

Stella looks right at home in that rock and roll t-shirt. So dang cute and grown up!

Adrien said...

Love weekends outside! I can't believe Stella doesn't like to swim! But I love Henry's swim gear. :)

Anonymous said...

Megan did the same thing this weekend. She would not get in the pool but to stand and splash in it, I dont get it!
Megan also calls her daddy George sometimes.....only because we were watching the Dennis the Menace movie and I said to Micah "you know you are grumpy all the time just like George." So then Megan was calling him that for the next couple days and now randomly :) LOL

Kacie said...

Applesauce!!! Hahahahahahahaha! And I'm loving, from what I could see, your new suit?!? The bright orange/pink....whatever it was the color looks great on you!

Lara said...

Haha...applesauce! That's awesome!