Nine Months!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nine Months!

happy nine months henry!
you are ALL boy lately.
ok, well you have always been all boy but you know what i mean.
not afraid of anything.
and still obsessed with your junk - ayi yi yi.
i'm afraid when we go to your check up this week the doc will ask what happened to you.
you have bumps and scratches all over from of course, being all boy.
i honestly am afraid to leave you for one night.
i swear the next day you will be walking.
you are ready to take off ANY second.
and boy are you funny.
you are SO much fun!
except when your sister takes stuff from you and tries to trade you for a shitty toy.
you have caught on to her antics.
you HATE taking meds.
usually barf every.single.time.
which sucks - because i'm not a fan of barf.
especially cleaning up barf at 2:30 in the morning.
but anything for those 9 teeth you have, almost 10.
i have a call into the meat market for steaks for your first birthday.....
oh and i have a feeling you love barney too.
we won't even go there - it keeps you entertained and that's all that matters.
i have kept the barney cake pan JUST in case.  but i just can't bring myself to make it for you.
wait who am i kidding, i can't bring myself to PAY someone to make it for you.  ha.
boy do you LOVE your sister.
and it just melts my cold heart.
and so does the excitement that comes over you when i show up to get you everyday.
your little feeties start to dance, your smile stretches all the way across your face and you take off towards me like a crawling fool :)
i am out of this world lucky to have such a happy baby boy and to be your mommy.
ok except for when you are teething - that's zero fun.
but you still love to snuggle so it makes it all better.
here's to many more and having a hard time thinking how fast nine more months will fly by.
i love you hen!!



Kim Luke said...

So sweet! Can't believe it's been 9 months already!
Happy 9 months little man!! xoxo

Ashley Mitchell said...

Love this. So sweet (even for a cold hearted person. jk, lol)

Henry is too cute. It's crazy how fast time goes by with the second baby.
If it makes you feel any better Mason is always covered in brusies,when we went for his 1yr check-up i thought they might call the

Katie said...

hahahaha that video is too funny!! His laugh is precious!

Steaks for his first birthday hahaha

LOVE that he gets so excited when he sees his momma. Sooo sweet!! That would make any bad day better!

Happy 9 months Henry!!

Adrien said...

I love his little laugh! Henry and Gracie would be two peas in a pod...and a very dangerous combination. :)

Nicole Hedden said...

Happy 9 Months Henry!!!

Kacie said...

He has changed so much! So darn cute!! <3

Lara said...

Happy 9months Henry! You're growing up too fast!