3 Things Thursday

Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 Things Thursday

i FINALLY got to go to my first cardinal's game of the season last night.
of course it was a winner - duh!
thanks to my friend maranda and having the sweet hook up at the four seasons.

today i'm linking up with heather for
you HAVE to go and check out homegirl's new page.
i think when you get a really fancy blog design you are like 'official.'
congrats girl - it looks awesome!
now on to business.....

3 Things I Want For My Birthday:
considering my birthday is now less than 6 months away, this is totally appropriate, right?
ha, if not oh well.
*i'd take an endless supply of SGM Pina Colada.
*i really need all new express camis.
the black ones are slightly charcoal color and the white ones are just looking bad.
*my windows tinted.
like something fierce - let's hope this happens WAY before november.

3 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
*vegas for my dad's 50th
*vegas for my dad's 50th
*vegas for my dad's 50th
(can you tell momma needs a vacation?!?)

3 Things I Am Highly Addicted To:
*currently these bad boys....
sometimes in the morning i don't have time to make coffee.
so these are my go to babies - and they are amazeballs.
and 100 calories - boom!
*i'm going to have to agree with heather and say Instagram.
i currently follow 112 people - smh......
*oh and the app Red Stamp.
just download it - you will be addicted to.

that's it friends.
happy thursday - it's a hot one.
i need a pool - pronto!!



The Independent Spinster said...

WHAT?! Vegas??? Your dad didn't invite me along! WTF?!

Ashley Mitchell said...

i went to walgreens last night, had the SG pina colada in my cart and them remembered heather still has my id from Saturday..not happy

Kacie said...

Take tomorrow off and lets lay out at my moms pool :) lol!

Katie said...

whoa whoa whoa waaittt did YOU just say you need Express camis??! Don't you give me crap for shopping in that over priced place?! hahah I haven't been there in sooo long. My bank acct is quite happy :) 90% of my camis are from Express also. Ive tried Target's camis they break after 3 times in the washer.

Love going to Cardinals games. Last night would have been a perfect night to be there!

Adrien said...

I can never seem to get enough camis. And with being pregnant in the summer - fuhgetaboutit!

With Glitter On Top said...

Love love love your blog! Please come check mine out sometime :):)

Michelle P said...

I went to my first game of the season 2 weeks ago. Thanks to Yadi, we won!