What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

all freaking morning i have been a debbie downer.
no joke - like bad.
there has been tears too.
and lawd knows momma doesn't cry.
i have avoided a blog post because geesh - i am uber depressing lately.
i feel like i should treat you all to margs for reading this crap.
it's baddddd.
prom things will change.  prom.
i need to remember i have happy and healthy babies, a great job that i love, nice stuff (even if the pants i am wearing have a hem held together by three staples, ha) and loving caring supportive people in my life.
so with that in mind here's some positive for today - you're welcome.
some fun stuff i'm loving - yay!

i'm LOVING how fast this little stink butt is growing!
he will be 9 months in ONE WEEK!!
he is crazy fun and lovies his momma.
best snuggler ever.

i'm loving having a hickey bestie two exits from work and a jimmy johns right in the middle.
happy everyone.
they MAY know our orders by heart.  ha.
always with cheese.  always cut in half.

everyone needs to get themselves one of these
baby lips by maybelline
you can find these babies for like two bones at of course - target!
amazing - will not disappoint.

i am loving that i may be the owner of the new jason mraz cd soon thanks to ashley.
carrie for jason is a super fair trade!

i'm loving having the hook up at this carwash
an amazingly clean car for $5 - boom.
it pays to know people who know people.

and i will just go ahead and apologize now for telling you about this stuff.
it's crazy addicting - buy two bags because the first one will disappear before you know it.
monster trail mix - from target.
note - do not give this to your children.
they will eat all of the m&ms out of it.
yes the m&ms and m&ms only.  lol.

oh another food thing i'm loving - again going to apologize for.
at ck on sunday jeff took a piece of bacon, like raw, and dipped it in pancake batter.
then put it on the grill.
oh my my my my - amazeballs.
like i think we need to put that on the menu at ck - that good!!

well, now that you guys have happy thoughts, soft lips and growling bellys - i'm out!
happy hump day!



Ashley Mitchell said...

im gettin some of that lip stuff!

the cd shoud be in by the end of the week. I ordered it off amazon bc im too lazy to go to the store. I can't wait to get it!

The Independent Spinster said...

I was soooo proud of myself for not snacking today at all yet. Thank you for ruining that!!!

Laura said...

I'm sorry things are shitty right now. I hope that lady luck changes yours soon! Also don't they say everything is better with bacon?

Melissa W. said...

I'm praying for you.

Being happy on the inside is just as important as being happy on the outside!! Take a deep breath and know you are loved.

Erin said...

Oh come on you got to hear about my life for a good three hours the other day.. It should make you feel better about yours. Lol. I have that baby lips too I love it! Oh and you'll be happy to know I cleaned my jeep out. I could sense you tensing up your butt muscles as you looked at the mess. Oh!! And I'm surprised your favorite things aren't vanilla cupcake goldfish. Lol.

Katie said...

:( hope things get better for you.

That picture of you and Henry is too cute!! He has the perfect little baby face. So sweet!

YAY for JJ's!!! That JJ's never let's us down even when it is packed or has creepy women in the parking lot all up in your personal space! :)

I have super sensitive lips like anything with any scent pretty much is a no go. Baby Lips that sounds amazing!

thecoffeehouse said...

ugh, it's been one of those days for me too. but you are right ... stink butt makes it all better by growing! my nephew will be 9 months as well ... such a fun age!

Beth said...

You, too? Ugh, I've been bummed for a few days now.

Also, I love lip stuff and have a huge chap stick, lip balm, and gloss collection...guess I'm going to have to add some Baby Lips :)

thecoffeehouse said...

waterway for 5? really? I thought waterways were more like 25. I have stayed clear ... but maybe I'll have to check it out.

Meagan said...

Just reading about the bacon dipped in pancake batter is making my mouth water! I'm so trying that at home next time I make bacon!

Katie said...

I got some Baby Lips stuff in my stocking for Christmas....love it!

Christine said...

that monster from target is the devil!!! cannot stop eating it once the bag is open.

will look for the baby lips chap stick. thanks for the recommendation.

hope your day goes better... almost the weekend!!

Crystal L said...

I am sure the bacon was delicious. For our rehearsal dinner we had breakfast food...for dessert was waffles made with bacon inside and then a scoop of ice cream on top with some chocolate syrup on top. It may not sound very good but it was ahhhhmazing!!!