Thursday, April 12, 2012


just a typical night.....
just takin' care of business.
all of these captions run through my mind:
'stella, the bounty hunter' (yes, mullet and all)
'i'm sexy and i know it'
'i'm here to eff you up bish'
'who you callin' crazy'
ha - oh the list could go on and on.
homegirl cracks me up.
and what does heni think of the whole situation?
surprise, once again, i'm the normal one!!



Lara said...

Lovin the shades!

Adrien said...

Never a dull moment! :) Love your little babies. We're still allowed to call our oldest babies, right? Haha.

Heather said...

Bahahaha....that picture is priceless...rollin with my homies.

Ashley Mitchell said...

rollin with my homies..lol good one Heather

Laura said...

Oh just wait Cassie - Give him time. LOL