So What Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So What Wednesday!

this was pretty fun last week, so let's try it again!

so what......
*if i clearly only bought this wine because it's describes me to a T
and it's pretty freaking good too.
ps when did Target start carrying wine?  like best idea ever.
*if while watching Bethenny Ever After i feel like i should be drinking a SGM.
*if hearing from an old friend made me cry like a little baby.
*if i logged back into FB for like 5 minutes and was like eff this and deactivated it again.
sorry folks not sure if i'm ever logging back in.
*if my daughter had two pieces of candy before 7:00 this morning.
*if some people can't handle getting a taste of their own medicine.
doesn't taste very good huh?!  and that was just ONE DOSE.  you poor thing.......
*if my son has already graduated to a rear facing carseat, clearly 2 months before his sister did.  homeboy freaking loves it!
*if i'm addicted to sudoku.  i can blow through the hard level like it's nothing.
makes me feel like a genius i tell you.
*if i just love this picture:
when did she become such a little person?!
and to think i just made henry's 8 month photo session with CB.
ahhhhhh - babies, slow down!!
alright i think that's it.
what are you saying 'so what' to today?!



Jen Langrehr said...

Cassie- I love the comment about watching Bethenny Ever After and feeling like drinking a SGM! I feel the same way, in fact, I plan on buying some this weekend. I love that show!

Anonymous said...

My brother gets me the Middle Sister wine all the time!! It's good. I haven't tried any of the red Middle Sister wines yet.

The Target on Lindbergh has sold wine since they put in the grocery section. Are you new around here?!?

Heather said...

So what if I'm on my 2nd 32 oz soda today.

So what if I choose to drink the entire bottle of wine because I don't have anyone to share it with and I don't want it to go to waste!

So what if I am the only one in the WORLD that thinks Adele's music is depressing as crap and think it should be retitled as the "Slit Your Wrists" soundtrack.

Meagan said...

I have seen that wine before and always wondered if it was good or not...might have to try it out!

So what if I have a living room full of stuff to get ready for my yard sale this weekend and all I've done today is sit on the couch watching tv & playing on the internet!

Cassie said...

Jen - ha, yes, so glad i'm not alone!!

Katie - i avoid that one target. it's always SO crazy! i go to the one on hampton on the one in belleville. and we are even currently putting IN the grocery sections at work and i didn't know this. whoops.

Heather - ha, i am kinda in the phase right now too. they are starting to drive me bonkers.

Meagan - my sister said the winery has a new wine called Two Summers, it's a MUST TRY too!!

Adrien said...

Ah, I've forgotten about sudoku. I used to love it!

So what if I'm baking a chocolate cake to eat by MYSELF before Eric gets home. He's on a diet, I'm doing him a favor.

Ashley Mitchell said...

so what if i gave mason milk already, i mean hes almost 11 months old.

so what if the last two nights i have eaten candy for dinner.

Brandy said...

I am totally going to get that wine for my sister! (Who's the one in the middle, obviously!)