Easter Weekend

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

hey hey!
happy tuesday!
the weekend flew by, so let's get to the pictures.
friday night i did some major easter dress/i need new clothes shopping.
you would be happy to know i didn't buy anything black/grey/depressing/etc.
all from F21, each item was seriously $15 or less.
after that i headed home and i honestly don't know what we did.
saturday aunt danielle was on her way home and we were super excited to see her.
henry on the other hand, not so much.....
we played and played and had a great time.
sunday was easter.
and my daughter was just gorg (sorry, i can't help it).
minus the fact that she was wearing tennis shoes (that i had to crop out).
i worked my mommy magic and got her cute sandals on her feet before we headed to church.
my kids were ANGLES in church too.  PTL.
we had a busy day and now have too much candy in our house.
hope you had a great easter weekend!


Ashley Mitchell said...

so sweet :)

Adrien said...

Cuties!! We have too much candy here, too. And of course, who's eating it all? Me. That's who.

Kim Luke said...

Yes definitely a GORG picture of Stell!! And Heni in camo, TOO CUTE!!

Landon wore his briefs to bed the other night and he said 98574389 times, 'stella bought me these'
funny :)

★ JASMINE ★ {BarbieBombshell} said...

way too adorable!

happy tuesday, darling!

sblind2 said...

Cute outfits!! I never shop at F21, blc I think I'm too old....but I might have to check it out! =)

Cassie said...


kim - love it! they need a play date ASAP!!

sarah - everything i buy from there is a large. because let's face it their large's are mediums, mediums are SMALLS and smalls are busting. lol. i just HATE their return policy though :(

Meagan said...

LOVE Stella's jacket!!

Super cute outfits...are they all red?!?! I really like that striped dress!!

Cassie said...

actually they are all like coral. more orange-ish pink.

Brandy said...

Great pictures!

Lara said...

Forever21 makes me claustrophobic! There is way too much stuff in that store! But you did good!
Must have been a Easter thing at church because my kids were great also. Well until people started walking up for communion and I guess Ty thought everyone was leaving. He started yelling " bye Jesus!"