Confession Friday

Friday, April 13, 2012

Confession Friday

it's friday
it's the cardinals home opener.
it's jeans day.
it's lasagna is back at Zia's day.
it's i'm having a good hair day.
it's we are having hot dogs and beer at 2:00 at work to watch the game.
it's i freaking LOVE my job.
whew - happy day!

on to the confessions.....

i confess every time i hear this song:
Enrique Inglesias - Baliamos
ha - all I can sing is, "Bite My Mole."
seriously it sounds JUST like it.  no joke.
that one was for you Ashley ;)
i also got to jam out to some Nsync this morning thanks to free XM for 3 months.
i know it's no BSB, but man it's a good start to the day.

i confess my daughter's new thing to say is
"i got a hair" acting like she has a piece of hair in her mouth.
wtf?  lol.

i confess i was so good with breakfast this whole week.
healthy granola bars and good nutritious stuff.
and then someone brought in hardees sammies yesterday.
i dominated one.
maybe even in like four bites.  might of licked the wrapper too.
speaking of eating problems.
nothing makes you feel worse than your spoon breaking while trying to eat.
i was going to town on a broccoli cheese bread bowl from bread co and snap, spoon just busts.
#fail #slowdownmomma #thefoodsnotgonarunaway

speaking of food, am i the only one who thinks of this every time i go to pizza hut?

i confess i finally lost my group text vcard this morning.
i was just saying how i have an iphone and never have group texted.
well, this morning i am happy to report that it happened.
thank you maranda and kim.
i feel like a whole new woman.

i confess i counted to 20 with my daughter yesterday.
that's a big deal to me people.  20!!!
way to go stella!!

i confess this explains EXACTLY how i feel when this happens:
you know you do too.
thank you katie - this STILL makes me laugh.

now fess up have a great weekend!!



Ashley Mitchell said...

biiite my now i'm gonna have that in my head all day.

Book It! Loved that when I was a kid. Do they still do it?

Group texting? Whaaat?!?! So jealous.

Page Twenty-Two said...

OHHH EEMMM GEE!!! I ALWAYS think about Book It at Pizza Hut!! This brings back so many memories!!!

Heather said...

OMG...I was a professional when it came to Book It. FLASHBACK!!

Nicole Hedden said...

I confess that I do great during breakfast time eating healthy... But my time lunch roles around, I am STARVING and fall off the bandwagon! whoops.

Beth said...

I confess that yesterday was my first day back on the treadmill for a whole week. Oops. Don't tell my husband, I promised if he bought it for me I'd use it every day. :)

Adrien said...

I think about Book It every time we have Pizza Hut. :) Now I want a personal pan!

I confess that to say N'Sync is "no BSB" it complete blasphemy in my book. Take it back! Baha. Just kidding. :) Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

I agree with Adrien Nsync was and will always be better than BSB...just sayin.

hahahahhahaa I LOLed about the spoon breaking! That is some serious love for broccoli cheddar! I have never broke a spoon, but sometimes I dont breath when Im eating so when I do Im quite the heavy breather. hahahah whoa whoa whoa calm down!!

Go Stella!!!

Autumn Ingram said...

hahaha girl, you are too funny!!

thecoffeehouse said...

ahhahaha. relatable post #125. soooo funny.