Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

happy monday!
nothing too crazy this weekend.  pretty low key.
ptl for good weather and family close by.
we played outside a ton and enjoyed some hard core family bonding.
picture post overload - FAIR warning.
friday the party at work was a hit.  i could get use to ending each week this way:
saturday we played and played.
stella and henry play SO well together and i just love it.
and they both LOVE being outside.
and yes homegirl clearly needs a hair cut.
henry is also a standing fool lately.  homeboy LOVES to get in his leg workout.
but he's still a drool bucket.  going on tooth number SIX now.
mommy got a little two hour break on saturday which was greatly appreciated.
lacie and i lost our winery wedding vcards.
and i have to say it was a cute little ceremony.
afterwards we enjoyed a glass or two of wine and i discovered something i NEED to have.
ummmm - YES please.
supposedly Rural King, $13.  AND comes with a lid.  PERFECT for a car bar.
later that night aunt lacie came over and we made homemade pizzas.
stella did so good and LOVED being able to help.
henry and momma thought they did a great job!
sunday everyone was up super early so we called aunt lacie for breakfast at CK.
stella ended up taking most of her breakfast home with us and enjoyed it later on the couch.
rough life she has (and yes i promise she is wearing pants).
later that day nana and dean came over with fake tattoos.  mommy got one first and then i tried to give one to stella.  she FREAKED.  ha i will of course tell her this story when she is older and wants a tattoo.  doubt it will have any effect, but it's worth a shot.
dad and lacie came over that night and ate before the storms.
heaven forbid we take a decent picture, right children of mine?
oh yeah or wear clothes.
hope everyone had a good weekend!



Heather said...

Is that a screened in porch I see at your house???

Love that picture of Stella chilling on the couch. Looks like me all weekend.

Cassie said...

the sunroom? yeah, i guess so. it's awesome. we never utilize it though. super sad.
it's an all weather one. so warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

ha - she has such a rough life. lol.

Adrien said...

I saw that same cup at Walmart this weekend and it cracked me up. :D We've never tried temporary tattoos, but now I'm wondering if they would freak Evelyn out, haha.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Heather, i love how you are scrolling through her pics and said to yourself, "that bish has a sunroom!" lol

Heather said...

I would use that shit 24/7. Dogs would be in there during the day, I would be in there at night. SOOOOO jealous!!!!

Crystal L said...

That glass is at wal-mart for $9.97!! Or they are pretty easy to make yourself.

Cassie said...

how am i the last to know about these cups.
or maybe because i freaking HATE wal-mart and go there only when i'm completely deperate.

ashley - too funny. i kinda thought the same thing. lol. i will keep you in mind heather if we go to sell the house. you'll buy it for the sunroom. lol.

Meagan said...

Too funny about the tattoos, Keegan is obsessed with them! He currently has like 7 of them, all on his arms of course. It kinda looks like he has a half sleeve going on! lol