Confession Friday

Friday, April 20, 2012

Confession Friday

hellooooooo friday.
i seriously thought it was friday multiple days this week.
on wednesday i typed up a text to someone explaining my plans i had for the next day (which i thought was friday).  ptl before i sent it i was like wait, it's only wednesday.
this is what happens people when you don't get to watch your shows on certain nights.
you can usually remember oh it's wednesday because i watched the biggest loser last night.
nope not me, instead it's just barney over and over every night.
you'd think homegirl would LOVE watching barney on the ipad.
nope - only wants to watch it on the TB.
girl gets what she wants.

anyways, BIG news!!
i reached 100 followers!!  yay!
thanks mom for being my 100th follower.
sorry there's no big exciting prize.
but no joke thank you ALL for reading/following/just being you.
i'd say we could all do a big air hug, but i'm not a hugger.  at all.

ok, on to the confessions.....
i confess i have a plant in my office that i give coffee.
yep you read that right, coffee.
when i have a cold cup sitting on my desk i pour it in my plant.
got the plant around christmas time from a fellow employee.
i don't have a single window in my office.
who knew?!
ok i water it sometimes - i'd say MAYBE twice a month.  mostly just lives off of coffee.

i confess my daughter officially owns crocs.
again girl gets what she wants.
we went to a yard sale last night and she picked them out herself.
and she LOVES them.
ayi yi yi.

i also confess at the yard sale my daughter became obsessed with a kids play cleaning thing.
pretty much like a janitor cart.
yes - i now own it.
AGAIN girl gets what she wants.
obsessed doesn't even brush the surface of the love this girl has for this thing.
not saying janitor isn't a promising career, but maybe she'll shoot for 'maintenance manager'.

i confess you know you're a total mom when you look for coupons to the place you are going to eat at tonight with your friends.  ha - yep, i'm 'that' friend.

i confess i'm pretty sure i only have polish on like four toenails.
momma needs a pampering day.  baaaadddddd.

i confess a friend of mine described therapy to a T the other day.
i sent her a text saying 'ahhhh therapy, paying someone to listen to you cry and bitch.'
she replies back 'and not having to listen to their problems in return.'
ummmmmm - EXACTLY!!!
best $10 i can spend.
i also saw a post about someone becoming a therapist because they love hearing people's secrets and it gives them the freedom to ask whatever questions they want to ask.
ahhhhh - i could handle that!!  who doesn't love a good secret!!

and i'm just including this because it makes me laugh every time.

have a great weekend!!


Ashley Mitchell said... I'll have to try that one.

I confess every time i hear boyz 2 men's motown philly, i think of stephanie tanners dance routine on full house

Katie said...

Coffee in the plant hahahah hey whatever works!

When you suggested where we are going for dinner tonight I automatically thought "she has a coupon" hahaha

I also only had polish on some toes and others didnt have much. Yesterday morning I just painted over them with the same color. haha LAZY!!

See you tonight!

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

I put you safely above that 100 mark ;) my nephew LOVED playing janitor for a good 12 months...and sometimes, they still give him a vacuum to keep him quiet haha. hope you have a fabulous weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}