3 Things Thursday

Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 Things Thursday

sorry for being MIA yesterday.
i think i was too busy saying over and over, "who the hell is Merle Butler?"
i mean really.
was it just me or did you literally hear crickets in the room when they announced his name.
like wait, what, who?
but never fear i got the hot deets on him.
probably the most important bit of information on the guy.
he gets fish just about every friday togo at CK.
nuff said - gotta love the people that keep CK alive.

anyways, i'm linking up with heather today
let's do this!

3 Things I'm Nervous About:
**someone noticing i haven't gotten a pedi in for.freaking.eva.
**driving my new car (i think this doesn't go away for a good couple months).
**being watched.  i have this weird feeling some one's being cray.

3 Things I'm Thankful For:
of course...
**and Henry
**oh and the new app Pic Stitch so I can make things like this:

3 Things I'm Annoyed With:
**people who don't return phone calls.
**people who snoop.
**people who use the last of the coffee and don't make new.
NOT cool at 8:00 in the morning.

3 Things I Am Loving:
**that my Hickey bestie will be in town tomorrow!!
there will be lots of shopping and food and laughing and more shopping and more laughing.
i can't wait!!
**that my kids can officially take baths together.
(and the fact that Stella still lets this happen considering this past weekend Henry sharted in the tub while she was IN there.  he may even have let out a laugh after this happened.  nothing says sibling love like not freaking out when your brother poops in the tub, again while you are in there.).
**having 99 followers.  one away from 100.  how exciting!!

happy thursday!!


Heather said...

I want to sign in under a different name just so I can be number 100. Love that picture of those two in the tub...Henry looks so grown up, just sitting there chillin out.

thecoffeehouse said...

hmmm, i'm kind of a snooper. sorry. but i never leave an empty coffee pot! :)

Nicole Hedden said...

Wow. Can't believe how big Henry is!!!

It is so crazy how fast time flies!

Beth said...

Girlfriend - congrats on those 99!! That is amazing to me, good job keeping us entertained, lol.

Cassie said...


yeah he is seriously just going to take off one day. slow down baby!!

Katie said...

When I read that you have 99 follwers "99 problems but a b*tch aint one" popped in my head. hahah now that I shared that useless information.....LOVE the pictures of the babies. They are too stinkin cute. Love Henry's smile in the pic with the camo hat. :) melt my heart!!

Jess said...

Hey I remember one time when I took a bath with you and Danielle and you popped in the tub! Shit happens lol!!