Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

i have no catchy intro, just that it's cold.
but don't you think for once that meant my children and i are wearing coats.
ha.  if homegirl had it her way she would be wearing her crocahs today.
yes, for some reason they aren't crocs to her.  they are croc-ahs.
like crackers.  but with some slang to it.
where she comes up with this i have no clue.
her new saying this weekend was, 'sorry about it.'
excuse me?  really?  oh child of mine....
on to the weekend.
friday after work i met my college roomie for some serious shopping.
lemme tell ya girl knows how to find a good bargain.
and it's addicting.
momma scored this dress, originally $60 at Gap for $28 bones.
anyone want to invite me to a wedding this summer so i can wear it?  ;)
anyways, we literally shopped until we couldn't walk anymore.
mostly because our crazy minds thought it would be ok to shop in heels.
i literally think when we were walking out of the galleria people were looking at us like wow you can totally tell that their feet hurt.  ha.  it never felt so good to drive home barefoot.
after shopping we met katie for some much needed food and drinks.
old creepy guy waiter tried to get me drunk one the strongest margs i've ever had.
wasn't happening.
i stuck to my trusty CL.
no matter what ANY tweet says, it's heaven.
we called it a night around 10:30 - wild woman we are.
saturday morning we were back at it.
hitting up a few yard sales and then to west county.
we said our goodbyes, shed some tears, and said until next time.
ok not really, but man it sucks that we live hours away from each other.
the rest of  the evening we all just chilled at home.
henry is a crawling fool.
put him on the floor and in no time he is up and off.
yay hen!!
sunday was church, lunch, target, dinner and baths.
stella thought this was just hilarious.
color fingers!
goofy girl.
have a great monday!


Heather said...

You can go to my dads wedding with me. It's a 15 minute deal at the Water Works in Waterloo on a Monday afternoon. Cute dress though!

thecoffeehouse said...

croc-ahs?! that is sooo cute. and love that dress.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Cute dress! If i ever lose some fat i know who's closet im hittin up!

Adrien said...

I miss shopping with another GIRL. Love Eric, but he's not my idea of a shopping buddy. :D

Evie is veeery interested in Henry and wants to know if we're going to "Henry's house" later. ;) Haha. She's a bit boy crazy at the moment. Can't blame her - he's a cutie!

Meagan said...

Love that picture of Henry & Stella...it looks like he is trying to lick her! LOL

You can go to my grandpa's wedding on Saturday...there will be so many people they probably won't even notice one extra!

Laura Darling said...

Adorable dress, and what a great deal!