Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

PTL it's Winesday.
I swear I have a cold AGAIN.  How in the world?
Sporting the glasses with red eyes today and the nose with one side totally clogged up.
Yeah, only being able to breath outa one side of your nose is super hot.  Lemme tell ya.
Anyways, first things first.  A huge apology to Henry.
Homeboy only rolled in at 18 pounds 12 ounces yesterday.
I felt so bad for thinking he was gona break the 20s.
"hold the phone, who you callin' Hank the Tank?"
ha.  Sorry bud.
anyways, on to link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for:
i'm going to apologize for the overkill now.  i've been a crazy pinner lately.
first off danielle this reminds me of your college roommate elizabeth.
but come on, i'm sure some of you are guilty of kinda really wanting this......lol.
ummmm Dadddddd, I think S&H could use these!!
pretty please?!!?
i am SOOOO ready for outfits like this.  come on spring!
and like this too.  ahhhh i want these skinnies in every color!!
yeah this may happen SOON.  love.
probably my favorite saying currently.
alright, that's it.
off to try to not think about how my sister will be in cancun tomorrow.
lucky butt.  hopefully she remembers to NOT use her cell phone this time.  ha.



Kim Luke said...

LOVE that bed! so cute!!!

Hen is so cute! miss your babes!

Melissa W. said...

I love that outfit!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Henry is so cute. Mason has slowed down on weight gain as well, 23 pounds at 9 months. He has been army crawling, and has a rash on his belly because it rubs on my mom's carpet. lol. Lift your belly baby!!

Katie said...

hahah love that picture of Heni. Too cute!!

Also love the shorts outfit!

Heather said...

I could totally use a beer holder in my shower. Don't know if I should be admitting this at 30 years old, but I LOVE drinking a beer while I'm getting ready to go out. Takes away the pain of actually having to get ready.

Katie said...

I had to show that picture of Henry to Jake and before I could tell him any of the story behind it he said "Holy crap that kid is a chunk!" Sorry Henry :(

sblind2 said...

Love that hair style!!

Beth said...

I feel you on the sicky-face ~ just getting over it here in wv, THANK GOODNESS! One nostril breathing is just the worst...and then your nose can't make up it's mind and as soon as you get used to one nostril it changes to the other one? What's up with that?

Adrien said...

Aw, feel better!! LOVE the outfit! I'm so ready for that, too!

Tammy and Shane said...

Awww...Henry is soooo cute...but should I tell you that's what Mia weighed at her 1 year:):) Also was wanting to let you know if you decide you want to get rid of some of Stella's clothes and do not want to do a garage sale...I would love to purchase it from you!!! You saved my butt this winter with all Stella's stuff:):) Let me know...