Giggle Gaggle

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Giggle Gaggle

happy heni <3
we go today for hen's 6 month check up.
i have a feeling he may be given the name, "hank the tank."
why you say that?  eeeek, cuz i think he'll be reaching the 20s today.
oh well, he's a healthy and happy baby and that's all i can ever ask for.
ok and well a massage once a week on my arms/shoulders/hips/back
because lugging him around is takin' a tole on this momma.
and yes, the title 'giggle gaggle', i have been watching too.much.barney.  lawd help me!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

aww..that's so sweet, nothin
like baby giggles!

i feel ya on the massage...those boys get HEAVY!

Emily said...

L.O.V.E. - that is all. =)

Adrien said...

Evelyn loved watching the video! She insisted that it was Gracie and Me, and when I told her otherwise she said, "Oh. Well, I love Cassie." Baha.