Let's Talk

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's Talk

haven't had a good cuss and discuss session lately, so here we go.

let's talk about how you go about not laughing at your kids when they actually call you by your name.  it's the weirdest feeling ever.
i am not cassie to you, i am mommy.  and that isn't josh, that's daddy.
kids pick up on TOO much.

let's talk about how the naked baby phase has hit my house.
no no, not my kids, let's face it, they are always naked anyways.
naked baby dolls.
why, why do kids go through this?
it's every night i am having to undress a baby doll because of course stella gets what stella wants.
even in church this happens.
ha, don't mind us with the toddler playing with the naked baby doll in the pew up there.

let's talk about therapy/counseling, whatever you wana call it.
more relaxing than a damn massage.
get you some thur-pee, ther-a-py, therapy, regardless amazeballs.

let's talk about how these need to make their way to my closet ASAP:
glitter sperrys.
i mean come on, how could you not wear these and not have a spring in your step.
and guys wearing sperrys i think it is a must do ;)

let's talk about how i am really enjoying giving up FB for Lent.
like don't even want to reactive it afterwards (ok, as of right now).
but for real, you should try it.

let's talk about how my bff is for sure my go to second closet.
needed a shirt to wear to the blues game tonight, of course she would have a freaking adorable one.
thanks bff for having some fly style.
oh yeah and hooking me up with some new TOMS!

let's talk about katy perry's new song.
oh.em.gee - in LOVE.
it's for sure one of those songs that i am jamming out to in the car and i don't stop performing my solo concert even when cars are driving by.  ha.  you know you're guilty too.

let's talk about how i am super behind in the times and just started playing words with friends.
come on people i want to be cool and play with people i know, not some random person with crazy letters and numbers in their name.  cuz let's face it, it makes me feel like my phone will get a virius.  i know, not possible, but you know you think it too.
anyone wana play, look me up!!

whew, i feel much better.  i think that's all i have for today.
i am ashamed to say i haven't got to enjoy Margarita Thursday in awhile.
yes, i'm hanging my head.  come on summer!!
but i will be celebrating brent's (week after) dirty 30 tonight, sans his wife, boo.
but enjoying some CLs at Scottrade Center AND free Blues tickets.  Boom!


Ashley Mitchell said...

I am for sure guilty of the solo comncert in the car. Every. Single. Day.

Kacie said...

Katy Perry......my all time favorite girl and downloaded the new song to my iPod the day after she performed it!!
New Toms.....do tell! I just bought 3 new pairs......hello, 3 kiddos got new shoes :)
Have fun with my hubby........but think about me :)

Anonymous said...

This could be a blonde moment, but I went to searrch for Katy Perry's new song. When I did I thoughtyou meant the name of the song was "check It" hahahahah Turns out there is no such song. hmmm

The singing/dancing in the car thing. Did you read my post from yesterday?? Guilty also!!

Adrien said...

Ah yes. There isn't a dressed doll in this house. I didn't think that phase was supposed to come so soon!

sblind2 said...

we have taught Brody our "real" names and one time I heard him say.."stop it Matt" I about died laughing!