Catching Up

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catching Up

oh hey there, long time no blog.
another weekend of laying low.
sunday we decided to get in the best workout ever.
yard work.
holy hell two days and one long hot bath later i am still sore.
good thing i was working in style
bahahahaha - not so much.
skinnies and work boots, hello fashion must do.
anyways, our backyard is cray.
ayi yi yi.  i curse the little old lady who used to live here and had nothing better to do but take care of her back yard.  and i'm sure she curses us who every spring tills up more and more flower beds and plants grass.  whoops.  oh well.  we still get pretty flowers out of it.
how cute right?
anyways, that was the majority of our weekend.
stella has been loving this amazing weather and we play outside every day when we get home and enjoy a nice walk after dinner.  happy everyone!
oh and hen is crawling!  ahhhhh.  ok not like full fledged all over the place but if homeboy is on the ground and he wants something, he will wiggle his way right on over there.  eeeeekkkk, slow down baby boy!!  i can't believe all of this.
oh and daylight savings time?  ahhhh best thing for kids, my kids wana sleep in so late.
momma loves!!



Lara said...

Yard work is the worst! I can't believe that some people enjoy it! I'm glad your back to blogging, now I need to catch up on everything.

Adrien said...

Henry is mobile?? Holy moly! I actually envy your yard work, haha. I can't wait to HAVE a yard someday....

Ashley Mitchell said...

LOVE fresh flowers in the house!!
They make everything cheery.

Katie said...

Those flowers are cute!!

Do you own work boots?? Either way love the skinnies with the work boots! :)

Cassie said...

Thanks girls!! Ha yes Katie those work boots belong to me. Real caute huh? Lol.

Heather said...

I have some yard work that needs to be done if you're hiring yourself out...

Just sayin